NFTBank and X2Y2 Integration

Published on: 13.12.2022
NFTBank and X2Y2 Integration

NFTBank is thrilled to present another powerful P2P Lending player that they partnered up with X2Y2, one of the biggest secondary NFT marketplaces in the space.

X2Y2: Marketplace AND P2P Lending Protocol

  • 19 Whitelisted NFT collections to protect lenders against volatile assets
  • Lenders are able to make an offer to a collection OR an individual NFTs that are listed on the marketplace
  • 0% platform fees for both lenders and borrowers
  • And nowNFTBank’s Estimate Price appraisal, which captures the valuation of individual NFTs being used as collateral.

NFTBank x X2Y2

Lenders: More Diverse Loan Terms

An additional handy part of NFTBank’s valuation is its ability to deliver the estimated time in REAL-TIME. Lenders can see an updated valuation in real-time to help decide which NFTs to lend against. If you’re curious about how the valuation for the NFT was made, go ahead and click on the “make offer” tab and hit on NFTBank’s logo to get an in-depth look at the NFT!

Borrowers: Unlock the premium of your NFTs

What’s next?

About NFTBank

NFTBank is the easiest way to build and manage your entire NFT portfolio from one place. Already trusted and supported by 15+ partners, NFTBank’s API has become an indispensable piece for building NFT finance-related services.

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About X2Y2

X2Y2 is built by a highly experienced team, with industry-proven blockchain solutions. It is designed to avoid many known issues of OpenSea, and further improve the experience of trading with convenient features.

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