Kine Finance – Announcing its Launch on Binance Smart Chain

Kine Finance is officially launched on Binance Smart Chain today, June 10 at 10AM (UTC) with all staking features including staking/unstaking, kUSD minting/burning, rewards and LP mining will be implemented on BSC.


  • Staking Frontend


» Users can switch between ETH and BSC

  • Supported staking assets:


  • Qualifying LP Farming pools:


  • Staking and LP Farming:

» June 10 at 10AM (UTC)


BSC Key Features

  • $KINE Governance Token

» Utility token designed to facilitate community governance and incentivize the virturous circle of Kine Ecosystem.

» BSC Token Address: 0xbFa9dF9ed8805E657D0FeaB5d186c6a567752D7F

  • $kUSD

» Primary stablecoin of Kine Protocol. It is accepted as the only margin assets on Kine Exchange, where you can trade multiple assets with zero slippage and up to 100x leverage.

  • Cross Chain

» Users can use Kine Exchange to complete the transfer between Ethereum and BSC, especially for $kUSD and $KINE.

  • Yield Farming

» Users can participate in the yield farming (liquidity mining) program and earn KINE tokens on BSC.

» kUSD/USDT to share 10,000 KINE per week

» kUSD/KINE to share 5,000 KINE per week

Kine Protocol

Innovative decentralized derivatives trading platform, has been operating stably on the Ethereum mainnet for almost 3 months.



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