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Hector Network, the groundbreaking ecosystem of blockchain products, continues to make significant strides in expanding the horizons of DeFi utility. Let’s dive deeper into the...
ZetaChain is the only decentralized blockchain and smart contract platform built for omnichain interoperability. With its unique approach to consensus and security, Zetachain is quickly...
Developed on the BNB Chain, Helio Protocol is an open-source liquidity protocol for borrowing and earning yield on HAY destablecoin — a new asset class that is over-collateralized with...
Atlantica, a revolutionary NFT marketplace on Fantom, was launched by Hector Network. INTRODUCING ATLANTICA Atlantica is a user-friendly protocol designed for creators of all backgrounds....
Bridge Mutual will be providing coverage to Olive, a multi-chain protocol primarily known for combining DeFi’s inherent composability. The beauty of Olive Protocol lies in its simplicity....
BNB Chain announced a new integration with Wyre’s API stack to give developers the ability to leverage Wyre’s entire API stack on BNB Chain and list BUSD and BNB directly through all...
SubQuery Network is supporting another Cosmos chain: THORChain, a decentralized cross-chain liquidity protocol. THORChain provides a solution in the form of a decentralized exchange (DEX)...
Talentre announced that SlowMist strategically collaborates Talentre to use their services and share career resources. Talentre will be the career information aggregator and deliver the...
Penguin Finance Integrates Glitter, so Glitter will leverage Penguin Finance’s bond service to further grow liquidity for bridged assets. Glitter Finance is a brand-changing innovator...
Aurora announced that API3 DAO is introducing first-party oracle services to Ethereum Virtual Machine Aurora. What is API3? API3 set out to simplify how Web3 builders can access meaningful...
Crust Network collaborates with Arbitrum to provide decentralized storage solutions for all Arbitrum users and builders. From now on all Arbitrum users and developers can enjoy more than...
TheSandbbox Christmas VoxEdit Contest: you need to not have placed in top 5 over the past 3 VoxEdit contests. Rewards Regular category 15,000 SAND will be split amongst the top entries the...
Bifrost announced that HRMP (XCMP-Lite) channels have been opened between Bifrost and Astar/Shiden Parachain on Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem. As the basis, Bifrost and Astar/Shiden...
AntiAntiNFTs announces its strategic partnership with Aura Network, the most scalable Layer-1 blockchain for NFTs. The AANC team is more than excited to provide all-in-one support, from...
Double Protocol Integrates Deviants, a collection of 10K NFTs built on Ethereum and Hedera and powered by Astra Nova. This partnership will see to the integration of an NFT rental solution...
XI Protocol Integrates Chainlink Data Feeds weather data and crypto prices to support features of Metaoracles with IoT sensor data networks. Metaoracles aim to query from the most accurate...
StaFi collaborates with BlockPI, which provides high performance and globally distributed API service for Web3 builders. In StaFi Protocol, there is a strong demand for API services from...
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