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Double Protocol Integrates TCGVerse, a Layer2 chain on Oasys that focuses on developing Trading Card Games (TCG). Double Protocol and TCGVerse will collaborate to lead the integration and...
30.11.2022 announced secure gateway Ledger support for the non-custodial wallet Wallet Extension. Users can now import their Ledger hardware wallet into the Wallet...
Ancient8 and Modhaus announced a strategic partnership that will help bridge the gap between the entertainment industry and Web 3.0. The goal of this collaboration is to encourage and...
The FIRST Multichain Order Book DEX, announced that the Beta Testnet is now LIVE on OKC Testnet. After launching Beta Testnet back in early October that featured 7 EVM chains,...
Cartesi collaborates with ThinkAndDev, so Think & Dev will handle projects from clients looking to step into a decentralized world. This is essential in opening up the Argentinian...
LI.FI announced that Obvious, a natively multi-chain wallet, has integrated SDK to power bridging and swapping inside the app. Obvious users can now move any asset across 9 chains supported...
DystoWorld collaborates with Thinkin to use their Thinkin platform which would allow to create a DAO to make vital decisions at DystoWorld. DystoWorld will be using the Thinkin platform to...
Horizon Protocol — a DeFi platform for synthetic assets — has integrated Chainlink Automation on BNB Chain mainnet. They are leveraging Chainlink Automation to provide users with the...
StackOS announced partnership with Lync that will help game developers with the transition from web2 to web3 games. At StackOS, they are all mega-bullish on what the future holds for web3...
Injective provides a new user bonus to all new users who try trading on an exchange dApp on Injective until Nov 22 3pm UTC (10am ET). Simply connect your wallet to any exchange dApp built...
DIA is introducing the Case Study NFT floor price oracle for Zumer Protocol, platform built on Ethereum blockchain. Key Facts Product: DIA xFloor Use case: Decentralised, NFT capital...
Double Protocol has partnered with MetalCore, combat game set in an expansive open world and developed with Unreal Engine 4 by Studio 369. Double Protocol and MetalCore will collaborate to...
LI.FI announced that Liquality, the open-source, multi-chain web3 crypto wallet supporting 10+ chains, integrated its SDK. With the integration, Liquality wallet users can now bridge and...
Renowned DeCloud protocol, StackOS brings decentralized hosting solutions for dApps building on Reef Chain. One of the fastest-growing DeClouds, StackOS allows users to run high-traffic...
Spheron has signed a strategic partnership with DeTaSECURE, which takes care of cyber security practices and global delivery in sectors. In light of Spheron’s partnership with DeTaSECURE,...
Hadron announced collaboration with Axelar to add Axelar bridged assets (axlUSDC, axlWBTC, axlWETH) to Hadron. Axelar’s strong security guarantees give them great confidence that their...
OmniFlix supports Secret Network on OmniFlix inSync, client & interface for on-chain interactions that bootstrap interactions with network. Participation in activities like Staking and...
Resonate partners with Rage Trade to offer upfront & guaranteed yield rates on tranches of Rage Trade’s GLP delta-neutral vaults. As a result of this partnership, more risk-averse...
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