Kima Network and Aspis Protocol Join Forces to Advance Interoperability in the Aspis Ecosystem

Published on: 30.05.2024
Kima Network and Aspis Protocol

Kima Network has announced a strategic partnership with Aspis Protocol, an AI-powered platform for managing digital assets across multiple blockchains.

This collaboration aims to improve the Aspis ecosystem’s functionality and user experience by enabling seamless cross-chain transactions.

Kima’s Interoperability Solution Empowers Aspis

Kima Network brings its advanced interoperability technology to the table, facilitating effortless asset deposits and withdrawals across various blockchain networks within the Aspis ecosystem. This integration ensures that Aspis maintains its decentralized structure while offering users the flexibility to interact with different blockchains.

By combining Aspis’s AI-driven infrastructure with Kima’s cross-chain capabilities, the partnership promises a smoother investment management experience. This collaboration is expected to reduce risks and open doors for wider crypto and Web3 adoption.

About Aspis Protocol

Aspis Protocol allows users to create and manage fully decentralized and autonomous on-chain funds. It leverages cutting-edge AI technology to power its vaults, providing a secure and smart-contract-based environment for asset managers and investors. Aspis streamlines the fund management process, making complex financial operations accessible to everyone, regardless of their expertise.

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About Kima

Kima is a blockchain-based protocol designed to address fragmentation within the crypto and financial sectors. It offers an agnostic approach to assets and introduces a new financial concept called the Smart Transaction. Additionally, Kima provides an easy-to-use SDK for Web3 and Web 2.0 applications. Through these features, Kima fosters interchain and hybrid transactions, granting access to new audiences. Kima’s settlement layer supports various functionalities, including multi-ecosystem payments, peer-to-peer commerce, CeFi/DeFi services, cross-chain DEX swaps, and omnichannel wallets. Ultimately, Kima aims to create a seamless connection between fiat and cryptocurrencies, prioritizing security and accessibility.

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