Flux Partners with YOM for Decentralized Cloud Gaming Solutions

Published on: 31.05.2024
Flux Partners with YOM

Flux, a leader in DePIN solutions, has partnered with YOM, a decentralized cloud gaming platform, to bring DePIN’s advantages to gamers worldwide.

DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) is a game-changer, poised to revolutionize various aspects of modern technology. Traditional physical resource networks are already influencing how we interact with services like transportation and internet access. DePIN takes this a step further, enabling community-driven applications to scale faster, reach more users, and do it all at a lower cost compared to centralized infrastructure.

YOM Leverages DePIN for Enhanced Cloud Gaming

YOM will utilize FluxEdge, a product within the Flux Ecosystem, to supplement its cloud gaming platform’s computing resources. In the gaming industry, rapidly meeting GPU demands across regions is crucial for optimal user experience. FluxEdge empowers YOM to handle demanding projects, scale operations while maintaining peak performance, and all at a reduced cost.

This synergistic collaboration between Flux and YOM offers a secure and affordable solution for high-quality pixel streaming, ensuring a seamless cloud gaming experience.

About Flux

The Flux Ecosystem provides a comprehensive suite of products designed to offer users next-generation decentralized technology at competitive prices. Flux is at the forefront of reshaping the decentralized internet by simplifying user interaction with the Web3 ecosystem. Their mission: to power a smarter, better, and more affordable free web.

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About YOM

YOM is a decentralized infrastructure specifically designed for pixel streaming, powering cloud gaming and immersive content delivery across various devices. YOM’s native DePIN infrastructure allows them to deliver high-performance, low-latency streaming, offering a decentralized alternative to traditional gaming consoles.

The YOM SDK empowers studios and creators. It equips them with the tools to build and deploy photorealistic content using Unreal Engine 5. Additionally, it provides integrated analytics, data feeds, and triggers. YOM technology allows users to create new media formats and broadcast content while retaining complete ownership and control.

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