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Sorted Wallet announced a new partnership with Kima Finance to bring cross-chain compatibility to users enhancing their experience of using the Sorted Wallet. Kima Finance is an...
Tonic Dex announced integration Meteor Wallet, a crypto extension and web wallet crafted for better user experience. Meteor is a fun, simple and secure wallet, allowing users to collect...
BeamSwap Collaborates with Squid to continue adding cross-chain capabilities to Beamswap with Axelar-powered Squid. With one-click interactions between any app, chain, or user, it greatly...
SpookySwap Partners with Floki for the FlokiFi Locker Protocol, secure and innovative crypto locker solution. SpookySwap is the biggest DEX on the Fantom blockchain (by far!) and allows...
OpenOcean Expands to Cronos, first EVM-compatible chain, to help traders access deeper liquidity for more efficient swaps. The Cronos chain is the first EVM-compatible chain built on the...
TransitSwap Supports Aptos Mainnet, so users can now bridge tokens and buy or sell $APT issued on @AptosFoundation by @TransitFinance. Transit Swap integrates the most popular DEXs of public...
Cetus Protocol reached a new strategic partnership with OmniBTC, an omnichain financial platform for web3. Cetus Collaborates with OmniBTC Powered by OmniBTC’s all-rounded infrastructure...
SubQuery Partners with Starrybot, discord bot which enables the guild admin to create token-gated roles and channels with CW721, CW20. Administrators of a Discord can add the bot and set up...
Bastion Protocol Launches Flashswap, an open-sourced, performant, liquidation bot enabling capital liquidations on lending protocols. This move aligns strongly with one of Bastion’s major...
QiDAO Supports Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) token as collateral on the Polygon network, through the new KNC vault on KNC is a utility and governance token and an...
Epik announced collaboration with Triller to Bring You the Most Thrilling Virtual Experiences in the Metaverse. In this landmark deal, Epik becomes the exclusive web3 and metaverse partner...
Aptos Partners with TokenPocket, so users provide with a one-stop experience of Aptos wallet creation, token transfer, DeFi, DApp use. Aptos Use Guide >...
MLIKI is delighted to announce that MLIKI NFT Marketplace is now fully strategically integrated with OKC (OKX Chain). OKC (OKX Chain) is an EVM- & IBC-compatible L1 built on Cosmos with...
Web 3.0 community on-ramp platform, DefiEdge announced collaboration with Genki, web 3.0 community on-ramp platform for marketing rails. The core philosophy of DefiEdge is to lower the...
“Smart Liquidity Research” is delighted to present Sardis, a layer 1 blockchain ecosystem that is launching the world’s first Crypto-based FOREX for fiat currencies and derivatives...
Starting Today, a new game in RANDVERSE World, New Metaverse with a full of randomness game, is launching, which is called Bet to Win. What is 「Bet to Win」? 「Bet to Win」 also called...
PlatON Network September Report covering PlatON Validator Incentive Program, Encentive Joins PlatON, PrivacyIN Recruits Participants. PlatON Validator Incentive Program Now Live PlatON has...
ShopNEXT Collaborates with Visa to launch Web3 Loyalty Platform, where any user can not only shop conveniently, but earn token rewards. This ingenious loyalty platform is expected to help...
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