Kima Network Joins Forces with Spicy Capital

Published on: 17.05.2024
Kima Network Joins Forces with Spicy Capital

Kima Network, a blockchain-based settlement protocol, has partnered with Spicy Capital, a leading venture capital firm focused on the blockchain space.

This collaboration aims to accelerate Kima’s growth and influence wider adoption of blockchain technology.

Spicy Capital’s Investment and Support

Spicy Capital has invested in Kima Network to fuel its technological development and achieve key milestones. Beyond funding, Spicy Capital offers a comprehensive suite of services to enhance Kima’s presence and effectiveness in the blockchain world.

This includes:

  • Marketing and Visibility: Kima will gain exposure through Spicy Capital’s dedicated marketing team, reaching new audiences across various platforms.
  • Operational Efficiency: Spicy Capital provides access to top-tier auditing and market-making services, ensuring smooth and secure operations for Kima.
  • Strategic Guidance: Spicy Capital’s advisory expertise will be invaluable, guiding Kima through complexities like navigating regulatory landscapes and securing DEX listings. This will enhance Kima’s strategic decision-making and operational efficiency.

Kima’s Vision: Bridging the Gap

Kima Network believes this partnership will not only drive their own growth but also contribute to broader blockchain adoption. They aim to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the decentralized world.

About Kima

Kima is an asset-agnostic settlement protocol designed to address fragmentation within the crypto and financial spaces. Through “Smart Transactions” and a user-friendly SDK, Kima facilitates interchain and hybrid transactions, opening doors for new audiences. Their versatile settlement layer supports various functionalities, including:

  • Multi-ecosystem payments
  • Peer-to-peer commerce
  • CeFi/DeFi services
  • Cross-chain DEX swaps
  • Omnichannel wallets

Kima offers a seamless way to connect fiat and cryptocurrencies, emphasizing security and accessibility.

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About Spicy Capital

Spicy Capital stands out in the blockchain VC scene for its multifaceted approach to supporting promising ventures.  Their 15 years of industry experience and successful track record with projects like OIG and CSP DAO demonstrate their deep commitment to revolutionizing the blockchain space.

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