Prime Rating Beta

Prime Rating squad is pleased to announce the Public Beta of Prime Rating, a permissionless and comprehensive framework for quantifying the quality and risk of Open Finance protocols.

The Decentralized Finance industry has seen exceptional growth in 2020, growing from a mere $1B to over $20B of total value locked in DeFi applications currently. The potential of a permissionless and composable financial system is becoming increasingly clear, but this fast growth trajectory also comes at a cost: high knowledge asymmetry, increasing complexity, and coordination friction. It has become almost impossible to track all developments and understand the associated risks (and qualities) of the various DeFi protocols. To help users, builders and investors better understand the quality and risk of each protocol, we decided to create Prime Rating!

Prime Rating offers a simple and comparable opinion in the form of a letter rating on a scale from A+ to D that represents the overall quality of an Open Finance protocol from a neutral view, based on publicly available data.

The Prime Rating system operates through a permissionless processgoverned by the Prime Rating DAO. Prime Rating is built to improve the resilience and functionality of the Open Finance ecosystem, to educate end-users about the functionalities and associated risks, and to create a benchmark for an Open Financial system that is permissionless, trustless, and transparent while respecting user sovereignty. Version 1 of the Prime Rating product evaluates protocols from the perspective of a protocol token holder based on smart contract quality, data quality, and fundamental quality.

Prime Rating Scale

Permissionless Rating

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What is PrimeDAO?

PrimeDAO is collective of experienced builders committed to the systemic advancement of Open Finance.


Prime Rating Beta
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Total Exchanges: 1429
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