Regen Network Partners With Osmosis To Bootstrap Liquidity Pool Program

Recently we have witnessed some program and activity regarding liquidity, pools, yield farming, and staking. Today another great venture of business we are going to cover. Liquidity pools are pools of tokens locked in smart contracts that provide liquidity in decentralized exchanges in an attempt to attenuate the problems caused by the illiquidity typical of such systems. Liquidity pools are also the name given to the intersection of orders which create price levels that — once reached — see the asset decide whether to continue to move in uptrend or downtrend.

The platform that aligns economics with ecology to drive regenerative land management Regen Network recently announced its partnership with Osmosis to bootstrap liquidity pool program. LBPs are perhaps the most innovative modern crypto mechanism for achieving price discovery, liquidity, and providing availability of tokens to a broader community. Regen Network Development, Inc. (RND) sees this event as a momentous opportunity to broaden participation in the governance of Regen Ledger, the world’s first public ecological ledger

LBP Event Details

Regen Networks LBP price discovery on Osmosis will begin on June 23rd, 2021, and end on June 28th, 2021. Thereafter, anyone interested in providing liquidity can join the pool and can use this link to begin with.

LBP Start Time: 16:00 GMT — June 23 2021

LBP End Time: 15:59 GMT — June 28 2021

Starting Liquidity: Between 600,000 and 1 Million Regen paired with 10,000 ATOMs

Starting Ratio: 90:10

Final Ratio: 10:90

Regen Price: Starting between $4–6 USD and gradually decreasing as described in the TGI LBP Announcement

REGEN token is a utility token powering an application specific blockchain for global climate finance.  Regen Ledger is a sovereign, proof-of-stake blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK. $REGEN is a staking token, providing Regen Ledger with utility – namely, fees, gas, governance and security. REGEN token is designed to ensure utility for ecological data and climate markets. Regen Network is governed as a public blockchain by token holders. $REGEN token will accrue value from transaction fees on ecological assets and other transactions originated and secured on-chain.

ABOUT Regen Network
Regen Network realigns the agricultural economy with ecological health by creating the global marketplace for planetary stewardship. Using a distributed ledger and modern remote sensing technology, our team is creating new tools for how humanity relates to its environment.



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