How to transfer HAPI tokens to different blockchains

SolBridge is an Interoperable Bridge that allows the transfer of HAPI tokens to different blockchains in a seamless manner. The distinguishing factor of our partners SolBridge is the introduction of a multitude of Blockchains at once, allowing HAPI to be integrated and swapped effectively and deftly.

With Bridge HAPI is now becoming truly a cross-chain solution as was initially stated in the very first articles about the protocol. Essentially propagating an agnostic cybersecurity solution across blockchains and preventing an overall discordant maliciousness that is currently plaguing the crypto scene.

However, this is only the first step towards closer and more intimate partnership with Blockchain solutions. We intend to build more robust and closer relations between each of the listed blockchains and foster the safety of projects and exchanges built on them efficiently. First building block is there, all that is left is to keep on building the foundation.

SolBridge will be HAPI’s long-term partner and delighted to have them on board!

How to use SolBridge and transfer your HAPI tokens?

  1. Navigate to the
  2. Choose the source blockchain in the From field
  3. Choose the destination blockchain in the To field
  4. Choose HAPI in the Choose asset field
  5. Click Connect wallet button
  6. Choose the wallet to connect
  7. Approve the connection in the wallet of your choice
  8. Click Send button to trigger the Send transaction and confirm it in the wallet
  9. After you approve the transaction, you will see the waiting screen with the link to the block explorer
  10. When the transaction is successful, you will be able to connect the wallet of the destination blockchain (from To field) to receive the assets
  11. Click Connect wallet button to choose the wallet
  12. When the wallet is connected, you can click Receive button to trigger the Receive transaction
  13. When you confirm the Receive transaction in a wallet, you will see the waiting screen with the link to the block explorer
  14. When the transaction is complete, you will see a success screen

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