Parsiq And Parastate Cemented A Partnership

ParaState is a multi-chain smart contract platform bridging the application and developer ecosystem between Polkadot, Substrate and Ethereum, as well as other networks wanting to provide high performance Ethereum compatibility.

PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform that serves as a multi-level bridge between blockchains and off-chain applications.

PARSIQ is thrilled to announced that it has sealed a partnership with ParaState. Integrating PARSIQ’s Smart Trigger and Monitoring Technology, ParaState Network joins the list of supported blockchains and will unlock a new world of possibilities for developers and companies looking to build within the ParaState ecosystem. Furthermore, ParaState is looking to utilize PARSIQ Monitoring for both DeFi/Gaming applications and analytics in their own ecosystem.

PARSIQ + ParaState User Benefit

  • Stream blockchain data to user-facing front-ends
  • Track events like swapping, lending and staking
  • Monitor pools for large deposits/withdrawals
  • Monitor transactions across wallets
  • Monitor your own wallet for incoming or outgoing transactions
  • Monitor transactions across ETH/BSC gateway
  • Track abnormal blockchain activity to identify arbitrage opportunities

ParaState has officially launched its public testnet, Plato, currently running as a standalone Substrate blockchain. Plato is the first production-ready public testnet featuring both EVM and EWASM. By bringing in LLVM standards to support 20+ programming languages to create Ethereum-compatible smart contracts.

ABOUT ParaState
ParaState is unifying a larger developer community to boost cross-chain interoperability and enabling them to surf in the highly optimized industrial standard infrastructure while exploring brand new possibilities at the Ethereum frontier.

PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform that serves as a multi-level bridge between blockchains and off-chain applications. PARSIQ technology is a proprietary ParsiQL programming language that allows users to monitor and interpret an endless stream of data on the blockchain; thus, it’s possible to monitor traders and ordinary users’ wallets.


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