Announcing Crypto Colosseum Discord: Mini-Games, Giveaways and More!

Crypto Colosseum is a new style of blockchain game on the Polygon  (formerly Matic) network. It’s multiplayer, it’s casual, it’s crypto-economic, it’s enhanced by AI and (most importantly) it’s fun.

Users can now battle other players, simulate fights, join giveaways and get loot boxes right from discord!

New Bot Features!

Their new Discord bot is super fun. Users can now associate their game wallet with discord and participate directly with new games, giveaways, loot boxes, and more.

The new Crypto Colosseum discord bot integrates directly with all of their tech: Polygon for cheap and fast transactions, Biconomy for gasless transactions, Gnosis safe for relaying across the whole chain.



You can fight another player directly in discord using our Player vs Player minigame (/pvp). Each player picks a gladiator to battle as and then turn-based mayhem ensues. There are different difficulty levels here if you’d like to make it as hard (or harder?) than chess.


Who doesn’t love a giveaway? We regularly giveaway items. Players can just react to the post and the winner will receive the item directly in their game wallet on-chain.


They’ll talk about the rest of the features another day, but there are lootboxes, there are wallets, there are tips… so much more happening in our discord everyday.


They’ll talk about the rest of the features another day, but there are lootboxes, there are wallets, there are tips… so much more happening in their discord everyday.

Join us!


Happening in their discord:

Wed, 22 September @ 17:30UTC — Giveaway BONANZA Round 1
Wed, 22 September @ 18:30pm UTC — Giveaway BONANZA Round 2

5 items in each round. Rares, ultrarares, you name it: we’ll give it away. Join us in our discord: for some fun and then stick around for the highly incentivized weekly tournament.

About Crypto Colosseum

Are you a pleb or a patrician? Find out in the Arena.

Crypto Colosseum sits at the intersection of gaming, gambling, and community. Players bet on gladiator tournaments and influence the outcome of those tournaments with strategic item play.

If you stack your Prestige ($PTG) then you too will play as the owner of a gladiator contract.

Crypto Colosseum is a layered game. It’s easy to get started, but is a deep crypto economic game of gladiator contract ownership, item trade, expected value, and social engineering.
Twitter: @CryptoColosseum


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