Artion, The Fantom NFT Marketplace Has Been Launched

Artion is an NFT marketplace built on Fantom. Create and trade NFTs instantly with low network costs. Artion is feature-filled, open-source, fast, and inexpensive: 0% commissions, with the near-zero transaction costs and fast finality that you are used to.

Key features

  1. Metamask and Coinbase Wallet Integrations —You can access Artion with MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet. Artion supports Fantom-based ERC20 tokens, beginning with fUSDT, USDC, DAI, and wFTM. Future releases will add support for even more tokens.
  2. Low minting fees and 0% commissions on sales — Artion charges a 10 FTM for minting NFTs and there are no commissions on sales. Additionally, creators can set royalties at the time of minting and earn revenue on secondary market sales.
  3. Integrated with Chainlink Price FeedsChainlink Price Feeds are natively integrated to support secure and accurate crypto-to-crypto transactions directly within Artion marketplace. Users can easily list NFTs in a stable value asset like USD and then purchase on-demand in another cryptocurrency using Chainlink for real-time exchange rates.
  4. ERC721 support — For the Beta release, Artion will support the ERC721 NFT token standard. On Artion you can mint NFTs easily, with no coding required. All digital assets are stored on the IPFS. Like other popular NFT marketplaces, Artion can track and display registered NFTs and NFT collections deployed on Fantom. By verifying collections they created elsewhere, creators can receive royalties from sales of their work on Artion.
  5. wFTM Wrapper — A built-in swap station allows users to wrap/unwrap FTM/wFTM without needing to leave the platform.
  6. Streamlined UX — Artion is built for fast loading and responsiveness to match the unparalleled throughput on the Fantom network. Artion is no-code and allows creators to focus on their works rather than worrying about smart contracts.
  7. Enhanced Profiles and Email Alert — Artion users can also create detailed user profiles. This feature lets creators offer rich content to their community. You can follow a user to stay up to date with their activity on Artion, or like a particular NFT and receive alerts if it is put up for sale. Email Alerts are currently received when you follow a user’s profile. Whenever they list a new NFT for sale, you’ll be the first to know.

The next release of Artion will add a built-in version of Anyswap’s Ethereum-Fantom NFT bridge for interoperability with Ethereum, making Artion the first cross-chain NFT marketplace. Creators and collectors hindered by transaction fees and commissions will be able to easily port their collections to Fantom.

ABOUT Fantom Network
Fantom is a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps.


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