Gold Miner Tom — Play-To-Earn Blockchain Gaming Platform

Blockchain gaming is trendy now and almost all human beings are obsessed with it. Who wouldn’t be obsessed if it could provide them with an extra source of income and fill their wallets?

Here again and there is a gaming platform that can also provide passive income to users who love the game but make a profit. In short “Profitable Livelihood”. Introducing “Gold Miner Tom”

What is Gold Miner Tom?

Gold Miner Tom is the first game in the metaverse of Gondwana, combines the RPG Collectibles and DeFi. Tom is just a regular miner. There will be at least 4 games develop based on the theme of gold and miners. Each game will feature a unique NFT that will appear randomly in the game. Rare NFT can lead you directly to financial freedom.

Gold Miner Tom Features

  1. Mining — you can earn $GOLD directly by participating in various ways, such as shared mining cave, your own mining cave.
  2. NFT Collect — in addition to the purchase of mysterious blind boxes and randomly dropped gems, there are richer NFT collectibles in the metaverse in the future Metallurgical.
  3. Home — you can design your own home, earn money to build a big house, add furniture and ornaments to the house, and compare home with your friends.
  4. Farm — in the future, farm will jump to the metaverse game “Farmer Peter”
    You can earn $FARP by farming crops on your farm.
  5. Gems — chance of dropping NFT gems such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds in specific mining caves. Gems can be traded in the marketplace.
  6. Bar — the bar will launch events, to give rewards.

Gold Miner Tom GamePlay Features

  • Marketplace there is a metaverse common marketplace where you can sell/buy NFT collectibles such as gems, hooks, and future NFT collectibles.
  • Social — Trade on Marketplace. Compete with friends and other players. Socialise in private chat and world channel.
  • Metallurgical Metallurgical factory for stake $GOLD to earn $GOLD.
  • Factory factory for Generate jewelry NFT with $GOLD. Jewelry NFT can be traded in the marketplace

$GOLD token is the main in-game currency and empowers the Gold Miner platform. It will be used to trade, exchange, and buy game props.


Gold Miner Tom will be doing a live presale on 26th September 2021. Just head up to their website to participate on the presale just by connecting your wallet to their platform. Since $GOLD token is built on Binance Smart Chain Network, its better to use Binance Coin (BNB) to purchase the token, you will enjoy your transactions with less worry on high fees.

Website | Twitter |Telegram
Presale Link

“We deliver the news article base on our own thorough research. We want to preserved some important information regarding with the project that are presented in our column. We value our reader’s opinion and we thank you for your valued respect to us.We also don’t advice our readers to invest. As we always say ” Invest at your own risk and only invest what you can afford to lose “.

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