1Pool.finance Initial Token Offering

1Pool.finance is a community-led project governed by DAO (Democratic Autonomous Organizations) and strives to follow best practices of community projects. A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is an entity with no central leadership. Decisions get made from the bottom-up, governed by a community organized around a specific set of rules enforced on a blockchain.

1POOL token entails both an entitlement for yield and governance right. 1POOL governance token is used both as “rewards” for users participating in the network and voting rights. 1POOL holders can propose the direction of the project and allocation of funds from the treasury and the ecosystem fund and vote to approve or reject these proposals. No changes can be effected in the reward structure, token model, and the allocation of ecosystem funds without approval from a community vote.

1POOL initial token offering kick started 8th October 2021 and will end on 11th October 2021, respectively.


Total number of 1POOL available for sale: 3,000,000 1POOL (Distributed as follows)

  • Per centage of 1POOL for ICO as a share of total supply: 60%

How to purchase 1POOL during the Initial Token Offering

  • Users can purchase 1POOL tokens on the 1POOL Token Sale Page via Metamask or Binance Chain Wallet.
  • The URL for the token sale page and ICO smart contract addresses will be made available before the token sale

1Pool currently has three full-time developers and five part-time developers and two community managers. Team tokens are locked for three months and after that devs receive their allotment of team tokens ( total: 500,000 1POOL or 2.5% of total supply) over the next five years in monthly instalments of equal size.

ABOUT 1Pool.finance
1Pool.finance is a decentralized money market protocol built on the Ethereum Mainnet and Binance Smart Chain. 1Pool establishes ‘money markets’ for lending, borrowing and yield aggregation.

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“We deliver the news article base on our own thorough research. We want to preserved some important information regarding with the project that are presented in our column. We value our reader’s opinion and we thank you for your valued respect to us. We also don’t advice our readers to invest. As we always say ” Invest at your own risk and only invest what you can afford to lose “.

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BTC Dominance: 46.19%
ETH Dominance: 18.89%
Defi Market Cap: $136.59B
ETH Market Cap: $485.05B
Defi to ETH Ratio: 28.16%
Defi Dominance: 5.11%
Total Market Cap: $2566.59B
Altcoin Market Cap: $1381.13B
Total Trading Volume 24h: $129.54B
Altcoin Volume 24h: $82.62B
Total Cryptocurrencies: 12967
Active Cryptocurrencies: 6703
Active Market Pairs: 47484
Active Exchanges: 419
Total Exchanges: 1503
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