Roseon Finance Swap Went Live!

Roseon Finance is a crypto yield farming aggregator that is dedicated towards providing crypto powered solutions towards a new economy. The app contains different services that people can use to generate valuable crypto tokens and therefore, an income source they had no access to before.

In line with this strategy, Roseon Finance is proud to announce that it is offering a Swap feature on its mobile app. Launched on 9th October, Roseon Finance app v2.3.8 now features token swap capability that integrates with PancakeSwap to conduct its Swaps. This Swap feature now allows Roseon users to easily exchange their digital assets from one to another, without ever having to transfer their assets to an external exchange. With this, Roseon Finance has become an all in one app for people all around the world who would like to invest in different strategies for crypto earnings.

The Roseon app has already enabled hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to invest in different strategies and start earning. The app offers two basic kinds of investments, a savings scheme and farming. While the savings option has a lower rate of return than farming, it comes with the advantage of offering a constant profit. For people who would like to have higher returns and can take the risk of variable returns, they can always use the different farms available.

The swap feature will be a chain agnostic service and support other chains such as Polygon, Ehtereum and Solana. Roseon aims to be the first licensed DeFi aggregator that is cross chain, supports DEX integration and NFT Marketplaces.

ABOUT Roseon Finance
Roseon Finance is a Mobile Multi-chain Yield Aggregator that brings DeFi to your pocket with the goal of simplifying your crypto experience. Our hybrid solution bridges centralized and decentralized financial services and acts as the gateway to DeFi and the Roseon app was built to help onboard new users to DeFi with its customer-centric design.


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