Akash Network x Kava Ecosystem Integration

Akash Network & Kava Ecosystem announced strategic partnership, so Akash will provide hosting for decentralized, censorship-resistant frontends of services running on the Kava Platform.

The partnership between Kava Labs and Akash will initially focus on bolstering the decentralization of the current Kava Ecosystem. This will include a mirrored version of the Kava App frontend hosted on the Akash network and a decentralized ecosystem analytics dashboard.

“We’re proud to provide a decentralized solution for cloud compute to Kava Labs and its ecosystem. Hosting the decentralized version of the Kava App along with their analytics dashboard is one step closer to a truly decentralized Internet.” — Greg Osuri, CEO of Akash Network.

Akash will also be providing upcoming Kava Ecosystem projects with compute credits in the form of the Akash Token ($AKT), its utility token, to support the hosting of decentralized frontends. In the future, developers building on the Akash Network may also be given the opportunity to deploy their projects directly to the Kava Ecosystem.

The long-term goal of the partnership is to implement decentralized frontend applications for every piece of the Kava Ecosystem, making it the first truly decentralized ecosystem in DeFi.

About Akash Network

Akash Network, the world’s first decentralized and open-source cloud, accelerates deployment, scale, efficiency, and price performance for high-growth industries like blockchain and machine learning/AI. The “Airbnb for Cloud Compute,” Akash Network provides a fast, efficient, and low-cost application deployment solution. Leveraging 85% of underutilized cloud computing capacity in the 8.4 million data centers, Akash Network allows anyone to lease cloud computing resources.

About Kava

Kava Labs is a developer of the Kava blockchain, the first cross-blockchain DeFi platform.



Akash Network x Kava Ecosystem Integration

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