Horizen’s Zendoo Went Live on its Production Environment Testnet

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Horizen’s platform Zendoo, is went live on its public testnet. The Zendoo public testnet is a production-like environment and is accessible to anyone to test and try out. The testnet release is accompanied by a partnership with HackerOne on a bug bounty program on Zendoo.

Zendoo is a unique scaling solution that fosters an ecosystem of independent blockchains and dapps for real-world use cases by enabling developers to build custom zero-knowledge-enabled public or private blockchains with scalability and flexibility unmatched by others.

Zendoo solves the biggest problems in blockchain: 

  • Scalability and flexibility— The Zendoo system architecture allows a modular protocol that stresses functionality over design choice. This framework enables any type of rule to be deployed as a Zendoo blockchain – whether it’s a blockchain or other types of computing systems. The Horizen mainchain acts as a truth engine and ensures that such sidechains have followed rules. This modularization permits massive scalability, application design freedom, and flexibility such that developers can change any component over time so long as the interfaces match standards.
  • Decentralization— Zendoo enables a fully sidechain model is decentralized sidechain model in all its components. It leverages zk-SNARKs to verify Cross-Chain communications without relying on any third party. The largest node network supports Zendoo for further decentralization, which provides resilience and reliability to the network
  • Privacy and auditability— Horizen maintains its focus on privacy in its scalability solution design by using the leading privacy technology, zk-SNARKs, to enable verifiable communications between the Zendoo blockchains and the Horizen public mainchain. This approach allows users to create auditable and data privacy-preserving applications to address real-world use cases.

“When designing Zendoo, we wanted to create an environment for developers to be able to build truly decentralized applications and blockchains without the restrictions that hinder them in other ecosystems and environments. We pursued this goal, keeping in mind the role of developers by making blockchain deployment easy and fast. We accomplished this in Zendoo by enabling the creation of an ecosystem that is flexible, scalable, and fully decentralized in a way that doesn’t compromise throughput or development options. I encourage all blockchain developers to play and experiment with Zendoo!”– Alberto Garoffolo, Horizen’s Engineering Director

What’s Next For Horizen

The Zendoo production environment testnet is the last milestone before moving to mainnet. Over the coming months, you can expect an exciting series of events such as giveaways, new project launches, partnership announcements, and team growth as they prepare for the launch for mainnet. They will focus on ensuring a smooth and safe launch for their ecosystem, community, and their partners.

ABOUT Horizen
Horizen is a blockchain ecosystem that enables privacy-preserving decentralized applications.



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