Oxen Weekly Dev Update #178

Oxen released Weekly Dev Update #178 about Beginning a work in progress PR for transaction creation in wallet3, New Lokinet release & more.

🔹Oxen Core

The core team continued working on wallet3, beginning a work in progress PR for transaction creation, which is one of the more complex processes needed for wallet functionality, so they are creating extensive documentation for our implementation.


The Lokinet team spent most of the week working on the Session open group server. They tagged and released 0.9.8 last week with a whole bunch of updates (see last week’s blog post), and the network is running well with it deployed. They recommend all SN operators update their service nodes to it as soon as possible in order to reduce resource usage and improve network performance.


The Session team continued focusing on webRTC calls, specifically syncing call acceptance and denial across multiple linked devices. The team is now conducting a second round of internal testing of calls to identify and fix remaining bugs, but we are now getting very close to a feature which is ready for release. The Session desktop team also integrated a new automated integration testing framework called Playright, which should allow us to catch regressions in new releases.

🔹🔹Session Android

🔹🔹Session Desktop

🔹🔹Session iOS

About Oxen

Oxen is many things. A private cryptocurrency. A secure messaging platform. A network anonymity layer. Tools to build a more private future for the Internet.



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