StakeWise New SWISE/sETH2 Liquidity Pool

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StakeWise community has rallied behind the idea of deploying a Uniswap V3 pool for SWISE/sETH2 token pair and quickly developed it from a concept into a proposal. Following a successful DAO vote to allocate 500,000 $SWISE of incentives towards this farm, the core contributor team is excited to announce that the SWISE/sETH2 pair (0.3% trading fee) is now live on Uniswap V3 and the farming program has now started!

Benefits of the SWISE/sETH2 pool to StakeWise and LPs

The new pool is expected to bring deeper liquidity for the SWISE token and will become its key trading venue going forward. LPs in the pool will continue earning staking rewards from their position’s sETH2 balance, and will earn SWISE farming rewards and trading fees on the total position.

Despite being paired with sETH2, the SWISE token can actually be bought and sold for ETH, USDC, DAI and any other token trading on Uniswap thanks to its routing mechanism. If routed, the trades will always pass through the sETH2/ETH pool, which will help its LPs earn more trading fees.

If the DAO successfully votes on the distribution of protocol fees to SWISE holders (as per this proposal), LPs in the SWISE/sETH2 pool will also earn protocol fees on their SWISE balance and will not need to do anything extra to opt-in.

They recommend LPs in the SWISE/1INCH pool on the 1inch Exchange to withdraw their liquidity and transfer it to the Uniswap pool to avoid the potential IL risk.

About StakeWise

StakeWise is a liquid Ethereum 2.0 staking protocol generating the highest possible yield via the dual token model. Stake Ether and receive daily rewards in rETH2 with StakeWise.



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