AvaxLions upcoming NFT Launch

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Lydia Finance announce the upcoming  NFT launch of Avaxlion

As some of you may already know, you’ll be able to create your very own Lydian profile with your LION NFT! Your profile will be your ID in the Lydia ecosystem and the key element of all beneficial opportunities from the Lydia ecosystem. It’s more than just a profile and with it, you’ll be able to be part of a team!

One reason why having a Lydia Profile is integral to the ecosystem is because Lydians who have their Lydia Profiles created will be privileged for future IFOs on Launchpad. This can help improve strength and support within the community as those who create profiles are more dedicated to using our platform.

The metaverse is growing! They wouldn’t be daring and courageous Lions if they weren’t to take part in such innovation and excitement! Their upcoming gamification and metaverse will be built on top of lovely Lion NFTs. What does this mean, exactly? What can you expect? Calm your hunger, Lion. Soon you shall feast on more juicy details. Until then, have patience as always!

One benefit to holding AvaxLion NFTs is being able to stake them for AVAX and LYD. Have your Lion hunt for you! Gains! A Lion’s appetite is mighty, indeed.

Who doesn’t love meaty rewards? Yeah…thought so. We all love it! NFT minters will get additional LYD rewards for each NFT they mint along with AVAX royalty rewards. Every time a Lion is sold on the AvaxLions marketplace, an amount of LYD with 1% of trade size will be bought from the market and sent to the original minter. What more could a Lion ask for?

The most roaring NFT collection available! A game-changer for the NFT space on Avalanche. Here to bring you high-quality NFTs from a team you trust.

Avax Lions is a collection of 10,000 unique and aesthetic NFTs on the Avalanche blockchain with unmatched utility in DeFi and the Metaverse. Boasting double rewards for holders in LYD and AVAX.



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