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Published on: 27.01.2022

LABEL is an unparalleled NFT infrastructure built on top of Ethereum Network, powered by LBL utility and governance token with a unified goal to establish a fair profit-sharing ecosystem with the permission less integration of IP rights. LABEL induces high-quality education content through the education content incubation system and creates a digital space for content creators, investors, distributors, and consumers to coexist in a total decentralized ecosystem, by utilizing transparent settlement systemson the basis of smart contracts.

To achieve its goals, LABEL introduces a decentralized P2P incubating platform to invest in world-class entertainment educational content through the DAO voting system that allows contributors to claim profits through its native NFT shareholding mechanism.

This system provides content creators in the MOOC industry easy access to investment, promotion and distribution of their IP rights. It solves the problems of unfair structure that exists in the sphere.

Tokenizing IP rights using NFTs

Label Foundation further innovatively uses NFTs enabling content creators to tokenize their IP rights to allow investors to fund their prospective courses. These courses are listed on the Label platform and, over time, become profitable and influential for investors.

The interests on these tokenized IP rights can be accessed by LBL Holders that stake their tokens in the DAO governance mechanisms for voting rights on which courses are registered and receive financing in the Label ecosystem.

The LABEL Platform will feature the top stars such as Mark Lettieri (3x Grammy Winner), Scoop DeVille (2x Grammy Nominee), Robert Sput Searight (6x Grammy Winner), Docskim (BTS producer) and many other influential artists and instructors, that will be sharing their knowledge and insights and perhaps offer their IP rights through the incubating system to register their courses as NFTs and further allocate the NFT shares to the early investors.

LABEL team builds up an ecosystem that establishes an incubating system, that will purport to provide an easier access to investment / promotion / distribution and improve an unfair profit structure that exists in the current sphere, striving to prevent copyright infringement cases across the industry.

The pillars that will be developed inside of the LABEL Value Chain ecosystem are as following:

  • Incubating System

The core idea behind the “Incubating System” is that anyone can register their digital course related to the career or job training and education inside of the LABEL. For the course to be eligible for the listing on the platform, it has to go through the voting system, where the votes are governed by the users and the selection process is carried out according to their votes. Once the selection process is over, the selected course will be provided with the investments in LBL tokens, that are contributed by either partner sales platforms, consumers or individual investors.

  • Settlement System through the usage of NFT and Smart Contracts

The courses, that have successfully received investments, will be registered as an NFT standard, which will clearly illustrate the share ratio of the ownership according to the contributions of instructors, voters and investors. The information on sales revenue from partner platforms will be released on the NFT Page, and the revenue generated by the course will be accurately distributed based on the NFT Equity Ratio that is registered in the Smart Contract.

  • NFT Market

The Course Creator, as well as the voters and inventors that have participated in the incubating process, including the selling platform itself and publicist can sell or trade their NFT share ratio in the NFT Market. The presence of the NFT Market enables the NFT owners to quickly liquidate their position and recover some of their expected future profit, whereas buyers can keep getting their stable profit slices continuously.

How Label Foundation works

The LABEL team devises a blockchain-based incubating platform that will address and strive to solve the problems associated with the Value Chain in the global educational content market.

LABEL’s NFT technology will also grant ownership to the creators over their courses, thereby maintaining various blockchain functions, including copyright protection, transparency provision, and elimination of the unnecessary intermediation aspects. LABEL aims to facilitate communication between creators and consumers of different kinds of digital pieces of content around the world, providing the utmost and advanced blockchain-based Value Chain.

LABEL Roadmap


The $LBL Token is an Ethereum-based utility and governance token that can be used in a variety of ways to drive the
growth of the LABEL ecosystem. The $LBL Token is primarily used to build the basic token economy on the LABEL
platform by serving as a payment, staking, and governance unit.

  • Payment

LABEL platform users can utilize LBL tokens as payment for all educational content on the platform. LBL tokens are paid once a month to the owner of the beneficiary rights of the NFT content. Some of the tokens are also accumulated in DAO Funds as platform fees. The commission rates set aside in DAO Funds can be modified by LBL holders through the governance mechanism.

  • Staking

LBL token holders can stake their tokens to receive staking rewards from DAO Funds or to participate in major governance voting processes. Special offers, promotions, and bonus opportunities will also be offered exclusively to LBL token holders.

  • Governance

LABEL introduces a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which is going to become the main governance voting system on the LABEL platform. Holders that stake their LBL tokens may vote for or against various proposed changes to the LABEL ecosystem.

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