Tempus Finance Future Vision

Published on: 02.05.2022
Tempus Finance Future Vision For Its Platform

Tempus Finance future vision for its platform is quite positive and full of encouragement. The Tempus community has recently voted in favor of Tempus Labs Inc. (“Tempus Labs”) being elected as the service contractor of Tempus DAO for the next two years. This will allow the Tempus Labs team to build out Tempus DAO into a sustainable and thriving ecosystem of products as we continue along the path towards decentralization.

Tempus Labs has built the best-in-class fixed income product that will continue to gain traction and attract TVL as the market seeks a secure and capital-efficient fixed yield product, and they will continue to pursue partner integrations.

It’s no secret however that the macro conditions of DeFi haven’t been too impressive lately. If you look at the UNIETH or the DPIETH chart, which you can consider to be broad benchmarks of the DeFi market, it’s been disappointing to say the least, especially as during this period TVL on Ethereum reached an all-time high. Now, of course, there are some exceptions to this, but broadly speaking, it’s fair to say that DeFi has not performed as strongly as expected.

Institutional adoption of DeFi remains low. The permissioned version of DeFi (such as Aave Arc) is still in its infancy. Still, its conversations with players in this space are bullish, and the rails are currently being built, so they will continue to monitor this and position ourselves accordingly.

The Tempus Labs team has grown from a mere 4 people in April last year to a group of 22! They have been fortunate enough to attract such a team with a great deal of experience, from blockchain engineers to business development. With such an experienced decentralized team, Tempus can build great decentralized products.

As such, the team have decided to position Tempus DAO with a new brand and identity. They are currently working with a world-class branding studio based in San Francisco to help with this. More to come soon!

Alongside the rebrand, Tempus DAO will also be broadening its horizons, focusing on building decentralized Web3 products and infrastructure with a mission to make DeFi and crypto more user-friendly, accessible, and user-centric for mass adoption. This does not mean that they will stop developing their fixed income product.

It’s quite the opposite — they will continue to focus on fixed income, but will also be dedicating time to some new and exciting projects, mainly on StarkNet. Specifically, they will build towards their vision to deliver a full-service money market protocol, horizontally integrated with its fixed income product, where users can natively borrow and lend any token at both fixed and variable rates.

Tempus want to help build a decentralized world through tools and applications that provide value to existing and emerging ecosystems. With such a talented team and strong community, the sky is the limit.

What does this mean for TEMP token holders?

One of the main priorities of Tempus Finance is to provide value to the users of Tempus DAO products and TEMP token holders. Broadening the horizon of Tempus DAO gives us a greater chance of building something truly special within the Tempus ecosystem.

Tempus are incredibly excited about the future of Tempus DAO and extending its brand beyond fixed income. They encourage all ideas and contributions from the community to help them build out one of the biggest and most trusted brands in crypto.

ABOUT Tempus Finance
Tempus is a multi-chain fixed-income protocol that integrates with lending protocols, staking protocols, and yield aggregators, and lets users fix or speculate on the yield generated by them.

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