Introducing DeFi Launch Incubation Program

Published on: 08.05.2022
Introducing DeFi Launch Incubation

Introducing DeFi Launch Incubation Program to strengthen projects and get them ready to launch successfully. Pre-sales are an extraordinary opportunity to get into a project. At DeFi Launch, investors benefit from exclusive access to innovative and safe projects.

In order to access the unique opportunity to take advantage of its network of resources, project developers and teams must meet its strict acceptance criteria. In addition, transparent communication and work ethics are fundamental pillars of DeFi Launch projects.

DeFi Launch provides complete assistance and support in the areas of development & tokenomics architecture, security, marketing, communications, and strategic DeFi partnerships.

“The goal is to help build a healthier ecosystem by promoting projects with exceptional value.”


DeFi Launch has a world-class dev team with extensive knowledge in software development, including solidity experts. Its experienced team has worked on other successful blockchain projects and is ready to support the needs of every project that we incubate.


Furthermore, to attract pre-sale investors to a new blockchain project, it’s critical to make them feel secure. A significant component of the process is having the project audited before it goes live.

Obtaining an audit from a renowned audit company is not an easy process. Smart contracts must not only be secure and well-designed, but they must also be well-executed in terms of communications and work dynamics in order to provide outcomes on time.

Moreover, DeFi Launch’s main security partner is Certik, which has audited DeFi Launch and will audit every project they will incubate.

“DeFi Launch has more than four renowned audit companies as strategic partners. Priority access for audit schedules and personalized assistance to get through it.”


DeFi Launch connects new projects with exclusive partnerships that are simply not available to most new projects.

ABOUT DeFi Launch
DeFi Launch is a high-potential project incubator that provides support and assistance during the launch process.

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