Fuse Partners With Angle

Published on: 11.05.2022
Fuse Partners With Angle

Fuse partners with Angle Protocol to bring the agEUR stablecoin to the ecosystem. Stablecoins have been  industry over the last two years.

The Fuse team has been working to bring them over to the platform and is happy to introduce the first Euro-pegged stablecoin available on Fuse: the agEUR token created and maintained by Angle Protocol.

Angle Protocol is a decentralized platform for 

The stablecoins issued by Angle are backed by baskets of other crypto assets and . Moreover, Angle relies on an elaborate setup involving 3 types of agents. As a result, stable seekers emit or redeem stablecoins according to their needs. Hedging agents enter into long or short positions on the collateral, stablecoin pair depending on the volatility of the collateral. Finally, standard liquidity providers lend money to the protocol which helps protect it against major fluctuations.

At present, agEUR minting does not in itself rely on minters opening debt positions and providing redeemable collateral in excess of the agEUR value they receive.

However, in the future, Angle is planning to also implement the collateralized debt position model in addition to the current minting design.

Moreover, ANGLE is the native token of the Angle platform. By locking ANGLE for a minimum of 1 year, they obtain veANGLE tokens enabling them to vote on protocol decisions.

In addition, veANGLE holders receive part of the interest generated by depositing the Angle reserves into yield-generating DeFi protocols like Compound.

In addition, the agEUR stablecoin has been bridged to Fuse Network from the Ethereum mainnet using the Multichain interoperability platform.

agEUR has also been listed on Voltage DEX and trading opened on the FUSE / agEUR pair. Currently offers yields farmers an 81% APY.

ABOUT Fuse Network
Fuse is a decentralized payments-focused platform powered underneath by the fast and low-cost Fuse Network blockchain.

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ABOUT Angle Protocol
Angle is the first decentralized, capital efficient, and over-collateralized stablecoin protocol

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Defi Market Cap: $44.99B(-11.00%/24h)
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Total Trading Volume 24h: $26.19B(+1.28%/24h)
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