MetaCombine Formed Strategic Partnership With PlaceWar

Published on: 11.05.2022

MetaCombine has announced its strategic partnership with PlaceWar, a decentralized strategic play-to-earn (P2E) game universe.

This partnership will allow for the development of an unparalleled gaming experience that merges the best elements of both worlds. Players will be able to enjoy an immersive and ever-changing world while interacting with others in ways never before possible. Look for more information on their website or that of PlaceWar as development progresses.


“This partnership will allow us to bring an unmatched gaming experience to players worldwide. With PlaceWar’s platform, we’ll be able to create an immersive and ever-changing gaming world that is unparalleled in its scope and scale,” said Aleksei Kolesnikov, Founder, and CEO of NGG. “Players will have endless possibilities for creating their unique worlds and stories,” Kolesnikov added.


About MetaCombine

MetaCombine is an all-in-one hub that seamlessly links games, guilds, and players to create a more connected GameFi ecosystem. Their main objective is to unite all the participants of the Play-to-Earn market in the world and make the industry transparent and available for everyone.

MetaCombine has 500+ scholars, 14,000+ subscribers on their official Telegram channel, 1000+ Discord server members, and 500+ subscribers on our Youtube channel. MetaCombine was developed by Nova Guild Game

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About PlaceWar

PlaceWar is a decentralized strategic play-to-earn game universe deployed on a multi-chain with highly engaging artillery gameplay that allows players to create and define the outlook of the in-game world through building, battles, and alliances.

PlaceWar creates a gamified and open Internet culture metaverse and puts users in control. You are guaranteed a gaming experience that you’ve never seen before in any other Play-To-Earn games. Players can receive tokens, rewards, and NFTs in the land system of PlaceWar. They also integrate battle and creation, and they make sure there is an incentive mechanism to support them.

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