Trava Finance Farming Mechanism

Published on: 11.05.2022
Trava Finance Farming Mechanism

Introducing the Trava Finance farming mechanism! With Farming Mechanism, NFT owners can put their Knights in the farming program and over time, they will receive TRAVA tokens and EXP as rewards. With each wallet, the maximum number of Trava Knight NFT deposited in one vault is one Knight NFT.

Furthermore, Trava Team has published the “Polish Mechanism’’ to maintain owners’ interest in the program. After depositing Knights NFTs in those vaults, users must check on their Knights regularly through the Farming site, which is considered a polishing action. If the users neglect their Knights, the Glossiness of their Knights will be decreased, and the farming rewards will drop.

Check out the current Farming mechanism HERE.

The Heuristic Farming Mechanism (Farming based on EXP)

When the new Farming mechanism commences, Trava’s 5 current Farming vaults will officially stop distributing TRAVA as a reward at 3 P.M UTC on May 15th, which means its 5 existing vaults will only give back EXP (one EXP for each second in 5 current farming vaults). This change supports NFT owners to gain EXP to enter Heuristic Farming with better rewards.

In the new Farming mechanism, Trava provides 5 more vaults for Heuristic Farming and all of your Knights can participate in one or more vaults. Rewards from Heuristic Farming are rTRAVA tokens and EXP (one EXP for every 3 seconds in the vault). The higher EXP, the higher the APR, and the higher the rTRAVA reward.

For more detailed information about Heuristic Farming:

 The EXP points are a crucial element in the development of the Trava Knight NFT journey. Like the current Farming mechanism, Heuristic Farming also has a Polishing mechanism. The polishing mechanism in Heuristic Farming helps NFT owners maintain 100% rewards and supports increasing EXP and APY.

Benefits of the Heuristic Farming

By adding EXP as one of the crucial elements to determine the rewards in the Farming mechanism, the Heuristic Farming is a new era of the Trava Knight NFT mechanism, sustaining fairness among the community.

New users have to put a lot of effort into farming to gain better rewards. Loyal experienced users who have already owned some EXP through the previous farming mechanism have a better chance of getting higher rewards.

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