Diviner Protocol partners with SS Ventures

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Diviner Protocol partners with SS Ventures, the platform that assists a variety of project functions in the crypto industry.

SS Ventures includes a very diverse ecosystem and keeps you up to date with the latest trends in the market. In addition, the platform’s multi-channel ecosystem has over 30.000 members and several major strategic partners as well as working on more than 50 Blockchain projects together.

Additionally, SS Ventures is made up of a competent investment management team with over 5 years of expertise in the Blockchain industry. Its objective is to develop viable projects, they concentrate on applications that have the potential to grow, as well as adding value to all member communities.

On the other hand, Diviner Protocol aims to build a Metaverse “Diviner Harbour City” to offer users a gamified & diversified prediction marketplace.

Diviner Introduction

  • Diviner protocol integrates different products into a metaverse “Diviner Harbour City”
  • Prediction House: Users can join lossless prediction by staking their crypto assets.
  • Mini Games: Crash/Superleverage/bull or bear and other prediction games.
  • Farm House: Integrate farming pools with our partners, and involve gamified strategies.
  • Additional reward layer: Users can get high potential returns while joining the prediction.

Diviner Predict-to-Earn Solution
our team

Diviner NFT has rich and unique features such as theft, increased farming yield, NFT treasury box, as well as an NFT game. In addition, users can open treasure boxes with DPT to earn exclusive NFTs.

DPT is the governance token in the Diviner Protocol ecosystem, as well as the in-game assets. 

Furthermore, Diviner Protocol and SS Ventures will be work to bring more benefits to both communities.

ABOUT SS Venture
SS Ventures was contributed in late 2020 and immediately became an investor, attempting to assist a variety of project functions in the crypto industry.

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ABOUT Diviner Protocol
Diviner protocol integrates different products into a metaverse “Diviner Harbour City”

Website | Twitter

Diviner Protocol


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