Introducing Grant Program

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Introducing Grant Program that intends to encourage innovative builders and developers to collectively build the Meter ecosystem.

The Meter ecosystem is a high-performance infrastructure that scales and connects the financial internet. With its current high-performance infrastructure battle-tested. Furthermore, with A performant Layer 1 and the interoperability solution of Meter Passport, the ecosystem is now poised for growth.


Additionally, with the overarching goal of growth and adoption of the financial internet, the Development Grant Program intends to encourage innovative builders and developers to collectively build the Meter ecosystem across the pillars of Infrastructure and Tooling, Decentralized Applications, Research, as well as Education.


  • For phase 1 —the key focus of the grants will be on the areas of Decentralized Applications, Infrastructure as well as Tooling.

Furthermore, decentralized applications, or dApps, are projects that support the development of the ecosystem through a wide range of use cases such as DeFi, NFT, DAOs, Launchpads, identity, games, as well as insurance. In addition, Meter aims to boost the Meter ecosystem by providing useful services and utility on the web.

Moreover, the infrastructure and tooling projects are intended to support tools and infrastructure development that other developers need. Furthermore, these projects can fill existing gaps to increase the portfolio of tools as well as maximize user benefits. Some examples include wallets, browsers, as well as API services.


The general guidelines for grant applications are below:

  • The idea should be sufficient, researched, or tested to demonstrate the feasibility of deployment.
  • The project application should demonstrate a long-term commitment to the Meter ecosystem and after completion of the grant and outline benefits to the Meter ecosystem in a clear as well as in a concise way.
  • The application should have technical and economic details and should be relevant to the provision of the grant.
  • The project code should be open-sourced after deployment.
  • Autonomy of deployment is preferable.

Application Process:

  • Fill Out the Application Form
    Please share all the necessary information that will assist them in the decision making keeping in mind the application guidelines.
  • Review and Feedback
    After reviewing your application, Meter will connect with you to discuss your project and answer any questions you might have.
  • Decision
    Meter will update you on the approval or rejection of your application.
  • Onboarding
    Meter will welcome you to the program and review the legal funding aspects as well as finalize milestone tracking.
  • Follow-up
    Meter will follow up with your team to track progress as per milestones as well as provide support as needed.

Grants Program Support

  1. Funding — grants will be paid in Meter Governance Token (MTRG)
  2. Technical Guidance for Project Development — Guidance through technical hurdles as well as strategic decisions
  3. Launchpad — Offering assistance for project IDOs
  4. Marketing & Promotional Support — Marketing support across Meter social media channels

Meter is a DeFi infrastructure with a built-in, crypto-native, metastable currency, $MTR. It uses HotStuff-based PoS consensus with $MTRG, the Meter governance token, to manage the blockchain ledger. Meter functions as a highly decentralized, high-performance side chain for Ethereum and other public chains.

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