PolyDoge PolyDogeDAO Vault On Zignally Vault

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Polydoge are excited to welcome a new project to the Zignaly Vault.

Important, PolyDogeDAO is a novel solution that can adjust the supply of PolyDoge to keep its price pegged to a target value and then, bringing programmability and interoperability to DeFi. Firstly, one of PolyDoge’s most pressing issues is utility. Moreover, PolyDogeDAO will provide PolyDoge with an immediate use-case.

Moreover, PolyDogeDollar is meant to work together with the main PolyDoge token. Besides, the PolyDoge team made PolyDogeDAO, which is a stablecoin that stays stable because of an “algorithmic central protocol” that controls the supply of Poly DogeDollar tokens.

Besides, this algorithm makes sure that there is always enough Poly Doge Dollar to meet demand, which keeps the token’s price stable.

What’s more, staking program continues to add income streams for people who own ZIG and believe in Crypto. You can enter the “Hold PDD & ZIG TO EARN PDD” vault to get started:

  • Pool starts: 0:00 UTC, 17th May 2022
  • Pool ends: 23:59 UTC, 21st June 2022
  • Snapshot frequency: Every day at Random times
  • Minimum Balance Required in PDD: 0.00000001 PDD*
  • Minimum Balance Required in ZIG: 7,500 ZIG
  • Total Reward: 50,000 PDD
  • Reward Distribution starts: 22nd June 2022, 12:00 AM UTC
  • Distribution ends: 27th July 2022
  • Reward Distribution Frequency: 24 Hours

About Zignaly

Zignaly is the first social investment platform that allows experts and investors to interact in a mutually beneficial environment using crypto via a profit-sharing model.

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About PolyDoge

PolyDoge is a digital currency with one of the most vibrant communities on the powerful Polygon Network. It offers a wide variety of fun interaction to its holders in the form of NFTs, apps, airdrops and access to different DeFi platforms.

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About PolyDogeDAO

PolyDogeDAO is an innovative solution that can adjust PolyDoge supply deterministically to move the price of the stable coin PolyDogeDollar (PDD) in the direction of a target price to bring programmability and interoperability to DeFi.

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