and Bored Lion Apes Partnership

Published on: 18.05.2022 has recently unveiled its partnership with Bored Lion Apes, a collection of unique NFTs that is dedicated to developing its presence across Web 3.0.

By targeting key innovations in the digital space, Bored Lion Apes will help direct the digital community into the metaverse. Also, they are especially interested in opportunities to create community engagement.

In fact, Bored Lion Apes is set to start minting this June and will subsequently offer multiple additional perks via Sandbox, user-generated crypto, and blockchain metaverse. Community members will hold an exclusive ticket to multiple events that bring people together amidst the digital revolution. A key component of that engagement will come with the release of a play-to-earn game, offering NFT holders interactive utility. Additionally, they believe in increasing digital accessibility and the vast potentials of NFTs and metaverse as they expand and grow.

Indeed, is proud to partner with Bored Lion Apes and aims to guide the project to greater heights in the NFT industry. Furthermore, Through targeted marketing, will help Bored Lion Apes throughout its development and direct the project to ongoing success.

About Bored Lion Apes

Bored Lion Apes is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs with multiple attributes determined via algorithmic generation. Developed across the Ethereum blockchain, the project will bring the community together with a roadmap of inclusive events and utilities. Bored Lion Apes’ first stop is a play-to-earn game on Sandbox, which will yield greater traction in the community and engagement.

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