QoWatt partners with ZoidPay

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QoWatt partners with ZoidPay a crypto liquidity platform enabling instant card issuance for purchases at any merchant at the lowest fees.

QoWatt, is the first French green startup powered by Elrond Network. Driven by a mission to build the largest European network of electric vehicle charging terminals. In addition, QoWatt aims to combine modern, cutting edge sustainability as well as energy-efficient concepts, with that blockchain technology and decentralized finance.

“My eyes were naturally drawn to ZoidPay and its founder, Eduard, almost four months ago on February 7th, 2022. This is when I learned, along with the entire Elrond ecosystem, that ZPAY was going to migrate to Elrond and become an ESDT. From that very moment, I took the time to get to know the ZoidPay ecosystem, which is under the meticulous guidance of Eduard. An individual who is one of those visionaries and free thinkers to whom I have a very strong attachment. I witnessed the admiration and synergy that Eduard and ZoidPay had with their community. Using transparent and thoughtful communication, similar to that of QoWatt. This story could not have unfurled in any other manner, ZoidPay is now one of the most thriving, powerful, and ambitious projects in the Elrond ecosystem”. — Hugo Manteau, CEO & Founder of QoWatt

Furthermore, QoWatt laid the foundation of this partnership by participating recently in its Shopping Pool sale. Over the coming months, ZoidPay will go on to extend the availability of its crypto liquidity solutions and DeFi modules. It also includes extending loans to the QoWatt community using DAO NFT seats as collateral. In addition, other areas of this partnership extend to building awareness of the QWT token. The Gen-1 NFT collection and driving the adoption of Web 3.0 payments.

The founder’s statements

“As founder of QoWatt, I had a vision: “to be able to integrate a Web3 payment solution into the QoWatt ecosystem…”. Now, thanks to ZoidPay and their great team, we have the tools at our disposal to achieve this vision. Great things will await this monumental partnership, which I consider to be one of the most important in the history of QoWatt.” —Hugo Manteau, CEO & Founder of QoWatt continues.

In addition, there’s even a special something planned for all ZoidPay Shopping Pool Owners.

“QoWatt has a very unique business model and is driven by a very capable and passionate team. They have a very unique business model, one which has at its heart a greater cause. Our discussions with Hugo and Jose have been very insightful. We’ve been able to explore synergies, which can drive the adoption of Web 3.0 payments. Continue to elevate the stature of the entire Elrond ecosystem. We’ve discussed a lot of exciting things around this partnership for the coming months, and I look forward to working closely with the QoWatt team in realizing these milestones”. — Eduard Oneci, CEO & Co-founder of ZoidPay

On the other hand, ZPAY is the native token of ZoidPay based on Elrond (ESDT). It used for staking, DeFi (loans, BNPL), cashback as well as access to premium tiers.

Furthermore, QoWatt is committed to transitioning away from the paradigm of fossil fuels to an electric-driven future. In addition, the platform has a mission to build the largest European network of electric vehicle charging terminals.

Moreover, the innovative QoWatt Economic Model creates value for all parties involved, creating a perfect synergy between commercial business and its investor’s returns on their initial outlay. The model is not only a key component for the project early on, it evolves and accumulates value over a longer period of time as our network grows

 QoWatt is at the forefront of driving the early stages of Europe’s transition away from a fossil fuel reliant economy. The platform is also building the ultimate sustainable solution for the European EV charging market.

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ZoidPay is a crypto liquidity platform enabling instant card issuance for purchases at any merchant at the lowest fees.

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