Orion $ORN now available in Kriptomat

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Orion $ORN is now available in Kriptomat, the all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange, designed to let users safely buy and sell digital currencies in their local language and with local support. 

Opening a new account on Kriptomat is free, and simple, and users can exchange cryptocurrencies for Euros on the platform.

Create your Kriptomat account here.

ORN’s listing on Kriptomat is another point of access for buying ORN, creating further visibility to Orion Protocol and another easy way of participating in the ecosystem.

Brief information about Orion Protocol

Orion Protocol collects liquidity from a great variety of exchanges so that users can get the best rates and lowest fees for their trades. As a result, the system collects the liquidity from exchanges to transform it into a single API that finds the best routes for users.

Moreover, with Orion Protocol, trades become simple and easy as traders don’t need to search for the best rates themselves, which would require them to find, access, as well as compare various exchange platforms. In addition, network users can manage and access their assets with Orion’s non-custodial solutions. Additionally, Orion addresses one of the biggest issues on centralized exchanges: hacking, by providing non-custodial solutions for asset management.

How Does Orion Protocol Work?

Additionally, Orion Protocol forms an entire ecosystem for traders by unifying the whole crypto market in a single API. It also offers a full suite of features, tools, and products for traders and crypto users. It includes a portfolio management application, trading terminals, enterprise trading, liquidity boost, an app store, as well a DEX launcher.

ABOUT Kriptomat
Kriptomat — user-friendly government-regulated European cryptocurrency exchange. Their team of financial, legal, and tech experts has already launched several successful tech companies, including Spletnik, a digital marketing agency, and Platformax, a sales tool for inside sales teams. In addition, Kriptomat ensures everyday people can purchase, store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies effortlessly.

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ABOUT Orion Protocol
Orion Protocol (ORN) is an open-source decentralized blockchain platform. Acts as a liquidity aggregator for centralized and decentralized exchanges.

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