AFKDAO and DontPlaywithKitty Integration

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AFKDAO and DontPlaywithKitty integration will drive exciting more events in the crypto world as well as in the metaverse space.

The world of Metaverse is not just a world for entertainment nor a place where people pay to win. It should be a world where people can play to earn. It should be a world where private asset property can be certainly identified. Metaverse is more than just a game. DPWK aims to create a digital community with access to an infinite number of universes. (DPK) is the planet where Kreatties lived on. At the beginning, there were only 7000 residents in it. They left their shattered homeland in spaceships and traveled for a very long interstellar journey.

Then they discovered the DPK Planet and stayed, where they discovered human beings. Due to their controversial nature, they looked down on this species but could not help to get close to them. They think the humans are stupid, but they enjoy the love from the two-legged animal. The Kreatties are lazy and fond of sleeping and playing. They can only accept the way to make money while playing.

To reduce their heavy burden to build the planet, they decided to reproduce to relieve their burden of establishing the DPK Planet. With the increase of the Kreatty population, different clans emerged. They started to gather more resources through group wisdom. Huge clans even become the monopoly of DPK mines, the rare resource on the DPK planet. Due to DPK mine is a vital resource for reproducing offspring, and upgrading the clans, war is already begun.


AFKDAO is a smart gateway for a wider audience to access metaverse opportunities with a close-to-DeFi experience. It provides potential investors with an easy gateway to access investment opportunities in gaming and metaverse projects through initial game-asset offerings and automated play-to-earn strategies, bringing gaming projects, guilds, and players together from the commencement of a project.

AFKDAO aims to build the largest play-to-earn economy. They believe that the play-to-earn mechanism has the potential to shift the paradigm in the gig economy and also enable the mass adoption of crypto asset management. Its vision is to bring liquidity, talents, and brilliant projects together, and empower the economy to grow sustainably with sufficient extensibility and decentralization.

ABOUT DontPlaywithKitty
is a decentralized play-to-earn platform for blockchain games. It creates a kitty-themed game with the Metaverse community.

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AFKDAO is a decentralized protocol that boosts the buildup of play-to-earn economies.



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