Introducing Kava Network Pioneer

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Introducing Kava Network Pioneer, a group of high caliber projects that is joining its ecosystem. 

Moreover, Kava’s Pioneer program continues to attract exciting new partners in anticipation of impressive growth, innovation, and unparalleled security. Kava welcomes eight more Pioneers to KavaSquad, representing DeFi, NFTs, as well as  Metaverse on Kava’s CosmosEVM.

Introducing Kava Network Pioneer List

1. Mushroom Finance

The Mushroom Finance ($MM) is a crypto asset earning platform focusing on seeking sustainable profits in the DeFi universe.

Moreover, Mushroom has dug into DeFi via innovative products like auto portfolio-rebalancing tool MushMon and multi-chain yield optimizers.

In addition, the protocol’s infrastructure relies on the most powerful DeFi protocols, partners like Uniswap, ChainLink, Curve, Yearn, SushiSwap, as well as Compound.

Furthermore, MushMon takes DeFi users cross-chain, unlocking access to Ethereum, Binance, Fantom, Polygon, and Avalanche ecosystems. Now that Mushroom’s a Kava Pioneer, that unlocks Cosmos as well!

Moreover, users on Mushroom are enjoying sustained yield on $BTC, $ETH, stablecoins, and much more.

According to Dune Analytics, total revenue for all protocol users and stakers stands at over $2 million.

2. KogeFarm

KogeFarm is an auto-compounding yield aggregator/optimizer on Polygon, sporting some of the industry’s lowest fees and highest yields.

Although farming is challenging work, KogeFarm saves you some hours of labor. As a result, KogeFarm auto-compounds yields across hundreds of farms from dozens of yield farm platforms.

The team recently announced KogeX, a bonded liquidity swap, and bridge. Fans of OlympusDAO’s (3,3) bonding mechanism may want to take a look at KogeX. The roadmap also mentions more partnerships and features are on the way.

Furthermore, the protocol is audited by Obelisk and Paladin, and TVL on KogeFarm is $5 million and climbing!

3. AnyDAO

AnyDAO (formerly Accessifi) is a Web3 DAO-in-a-box platform where anyone can launch, grow, boost, and manage a DAO.

Since its inception, AnyDAO’s mission has enabled people worldwide to access Web3. As a DAO-run network, Kava can get behind AnyDAO’s motto — “DAOs are the future of organization and work.”

“At AnyDAO, we truly believe that the Decentralized Autonomous Organization model is a breakthrough in organizational structure, and we want to help more communities develop their own DAOs and grow organically.”

In addition, AnyDAO brings to the Cosmos EVM family a place for DAO organizers to access high-quality tools to connect their communities and grow the next billion-dollar ideas.

4. Governor DAO

Governor DAO ($GDAO) is a governance-as-a-service (GaaS) protocol.

Through their Proof of Existence Token and governance services, Governor DAO aims to set the standard for decentralized governance & biometric voting on the blockchain.

Furthermore, Governor DAO’s roadmap suggests a multi-chain agenda, meaning this project wants to service the entire DAO-verse.

5. Empire Capital

Empire Capital ($ECC) is a multi-faceted yield generating organization providing Defi-as-a-Service (DaaS).

DaaS is the synthesis of Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and a Web3 development services and tools suite. Empire Capital’s groundbreaking app, Roundify, is advancing the boundaries of DeFi by improving crypto accessibility and encouraging widespread adoption.

6. WOWswap

Wowswap is a decentralized protocol that allows users to make leveraged long and short swaps on Ethereum, Solana, Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, IoTeX, Metis, Polygon, Pancakeswap, and HECO Chain.

As a result, users can trade tokens (including fractionalized NFTs) at up to 5x leverage by borrowing capital from the lending pool.

7. Agave Finance

Agave is a decentralized, non-custodial money market and lending protocol on Gnosis Chain.  The Agave rewards depositors with passive income and allows them to use their deposits as collateral to borrow and lend digital assets.

In addition, Agave’s key features include its community-driven vision and mission. Its Ethereum Layer-2 origins (Gnosis), enabling fast and cheap transactions and enable the borrowing as well as the lending of assets from anywhere in the world.

8. CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn (P2E) NFT-based blockchain game. Operating on BNB Chain, Avalanche, OEC, HECO, and Polygon. Its users can earn $SKILL tokens by defeating enemies, winning on PVP, as well as staking their gains. In addition, the game also includes a tiered NFT lands system that ties into the game’s base mechanics, including guilds, alliances, and different resources.

DeFi on Kava is Unstoppable.

Moreover, Kava 10 is practically here. Additionally, pioneers will stress-test the network to ensure its smooth sailing from day one. The Kava Network’s Co-Chains combine the flexibility and speed of Ethereum smart contract development. With the interoperability of the Cosmos SDK in a single network, all powered by the ultra-fast Tendermint consensus engine.

About Kava

Kava is a secure, lightning-fast Layer-1 blockchain. Combines the developer power of Ethereum with the speed and interoperability of Cosmos in a single, scalable network.

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