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Further, the platform will seek to sell TIP Bond that will generate income for the platform. The income generated from TIP Bond sales will be re-invested into the Donut Yield Aggregator (DYA) where yields are used to automatically purchase $DONUT from the open market to be re-distributed as rewards. This creates a feedback loop where prices of DONUT tokens will appreciate over time ceteris paribus. The end goal is to create a series of products that will build huge value for the DONUT token.

How does it work?

But in the lifetime of the bond, it will payout a fixed income amount every second. The details of the TIP bond ROI will be shown on the frontend. Note that the TIP Bond is a product where excess yields are returned back to bond holders. The platform seeks to increase its yields through yield aggregating and bond sales.

Launchpad Format

  • The launchpad raise will be done in HKN/SVN LP

Sale Details

  • Sales Page:
  • Start: 26th May, 4:00am UTC
  • End: 26th May, 10:00am UTC
  • Token Price: $1
  • Number of Tokens For Sale: 1,500,000
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Method : Overflow

Launchpad Proceeds Allocation

  1. 50% of the fund raised will be burnt.
  2. 25% of the funds raised will be used to form liquidity and locked
  3. 25% of the funds will be sent to the project team over 3 tranches

Before Sale

During the Sale

After Sale

  • Claim your DONUT tokens

Post Launch

  1. Stake MMF ➡ Earn DONUT
  2. DONUT/SVN LP ➡ Earn MMF
  3. Stake DONUT ➡ Buy DONUT Bonds


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