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MyCointainer partners with FIO to integrate the FIO Protocol into the MyCointainer platform. Users of the MyCointainer website and app will be able to take advantage of utilizing features of the FIO Protocol which makes using cryptocurrency easier and less prone to mistakes. MyCointainer will also be adding support for the FIO Token and the ability to stake FIO Tokens.

What is MyContainer?

MyCointainer is more than just a cryptocurrency exchange. While they do offer trading and other exchange services, they give users plenty of options within their platform to earn through various cryptocurrencies that offer staking or yield-generating services.

MyCointainer has stated that its goal is to enable easy access to varying rewarding crypto mechanisms for all. MyCointainer wants everyone to benefit from a changing financial landscape equally and speed up the global advent of crypto adoption. Moreover, MyCointainer currently supports over 100 earning coins that users can manage from one simple wallet.

To make the user experience even easier for existing users and attract more new users to their platform, implementing the FIO Protocol, FIO Token support, and staking support make sense for everyone.

With the addition of the FIO Protocol, transacting in cryptocurrency becomes easier for users of MyCointainer. MyCointainer will be integrating FIO Crypto Handle registration, FIO Send, and FIO Staking.

This process takes all the stress and the chance to make a mistake out of the picture by replacing the long-string public wallet address that you would normally send to with a human-readable FIO Crypto Handle. This makes sending and receiving cryptocurrency as easy as sending and receiving an email and eliminates the potential to make mistakes and possibly lose your cryptocurrency forever.

A FIO Crypto Handle is in the format of [email protected], for example, [email protected] No longer will users have to worry about mistyping a character or any hack or exploit that alters the address where the user is trying to send funds. Also, as mentioned earlier, the FIO Token will be listed on the MyCointainer exchange. As a result, users can easily trade and stake FIO tokens. Additionally, those tokens can be used to purchase custom FIO Crypto Handles, or stake tokens to participate in governance and earn rewards.

ABOUT MyContainer
MyContainer a self-funded startup that has already grown into a profitable and scalable business in just over 2 years. Its goal is to enable easy access to various rewarding crypto mechanisms for all

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FIO, the Foundation for Interwallet Operability, is a decentralized consortium of blockchain organizations and community members. Supporting the ongoing development, integration, and promotion of the FIO Protocol.

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