AFKDAO partners with RedHat Capital

Published on: 23.05.2022
AFKDAO partners with RedHat Capital

AFKDAO partners with RedHat Capital, an institution based on a decentralized financial market. The platform supports blockchain start-up companies in multiple ways including funds, technology, operation, marketing, and more, to lead them to long-term organic growth.

RedHat’s investment philosophy is that vision leads to revenue, it is their aim to grow together with preeminent companies and projects. They shall witness together the revolutions of the blockchain world and reach the glorious shore longing for.

RedHat Core Services

  1. Investment & Funds
  2. Operation & Marketing
  3. Ecosystem & Partnerships
  4. Advisory & Counselling
  5. Research & Report
  6. Influence Building and Personnel Training
  7. Community Construction and Tech Development

On the other hand, AFKDAO is a smart gateway for a wider audience to access metaverse opportunities with a close-to-DeFi experience. AFKDAO is a building a gateway for anyone. Making them easily participate in play-to-earn, while projects can bootstrap their economies, and pro gamers can profit and shine.


  1. Get early access to the gaming assets that generate profits at a discounted price before they hit the market
  2. Make your game assets work for you through automated play-to-earn strategies while you are AFK
  3. Unlock unlimited NFT lending and borrowing liquidity with ERC-4610 protocol
  4. Projects can launch their own game assets on AFKDAO with Play-to-Earn strategies in place, as well as get a guaranteed audience that helps boost the in-game ecosystem
  5. Players can access ready-to-roll game assets with high yield potential at a very early stage. Additionally, programmers or guilds can apply to join Game Aggregator and become a true asset manager on Play-to-Earn metaverse
  6. Gain profits from automated play-to-earn strategies with a close-to-DeFi user experience via AFKDAO

AFKDAO and RedHat partnership will further augment their presence in the Metaverse.

AFKDAO is a decentralized protocol that boosts the buildup of play-to-earn economies. It provides potential investors with an easy gateway to access investment opportunities in gaming and metaverse projects through initial game-asset offerings and automated play-to-earn strategies, bringing gaming projects, guilds, as well as players together from the commencement of a project.

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ABOUT RedHat Capital
RedHat Capital
is an institution based on a decentralized financial market, supporting blockchain start-up companies in multiple ways including funds, technology, operation, and marketing, as well as leading them to long-term organic growth.

Website | Twitter

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BTC Dominance: 53.85%(-0.49%/24h)
ETH Dominance: 16.03%(+0.04%/24h)
Defi Market Cap: $83.66B(-5.98%/24h)
Total Market Cap: $2245.51B(-2.71%/24h)
Total Trading Volume 24h: $97.56B(-5.09%/24h)
ETH Market Cap: $359.64B
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