BeFITTER Upcoming INO on Enjinstarter!

Published on: 18.06.2022
BeFITTER Upcoming INO on Enjinstarter!

Enjinstarter is excited to announce that beFITTER will be launching its Initial NFT Offering (INO) on its platform on 20th June, 2022.

beFITTER: Making Lifestyle Changes That Last

BeFITTER Upcoming INO on Enjinstarter!

The Move-to-Earn trend in the crypto industry is gaining great attention from the community day by day. Using sensor technology to measure people’s daily movements with smartwatches or smartphones, these devices will collect data about the user’s body activity and convert it into in-app assets and valuable rewards.

What is beFITTER?

BeFITTER is the first web3 app to innovate and adapt from its predecessors, highlighting several new features such as:

  1. Wheel of health — Multiple activities to be tracked such as Swim and Sleep
  2. Wearable app
  3. Renting system: fixed rent and shared profits
  4. Fun game elements — virtual pet as a workout companion
  5. SocialFi — a network for not just athletes but also anyone who cares about their health.

Users (FITTERS) will receive monetary incentives for completing healthy behaviors and participating in group challenges. And to increase and maintain their earnings, they must purchase, level up, and repair NFTs. They can also choose to pay for a better fitness experience.

How about the tokens and NFTs used?

HEE (Health token) and FIU (Social token) are two tokens offered by beFITTER as incentives for players to play the game.

Token benefits include:

  • Reduce pressure on the reward pool & prevent inflation
  • FIU has utility from an early stage (Normal governance token has weak utility since they have to wait till DAO).

Shoes NFT: Each sneaker has unique characteristics. Users can freely burn tokens to upgrade their shoes and create new ones.

BeFITTER Upcoming INO on Enjinstarter!
BeFITTER Upcoming INO on Enjinstarter!

Price: 97 BUSD/Box

Total Boxes: 400 Boxes

Total Shoes: 400 Shoe NFTs

Check Enjinstarter NFT guide here

The INO is a super exclusive collection programmatically and randomly generated by beFITTER’s own algorithm on BSC. It’s also 100% dedicated to a healthy lifestyle for the people and by the people, with cool artwork connected with a vibrant community and fresh ideas.

Holders are able to participate in activities on beFITTER platform, including exclusive events, raffles, and airdrops and exclusive creative rights included.

The INO for beFITTER on Enjinstarter is on June 20, 2022, while the IDO is TBA.

It’s time to join the Move-to-Earn trend!

With Move-to-Earn taking the world by storm, you definitely don’t want to miss out. Burning calories while earning monetary rewards? What more can you ask for? Let’s get moving!


beFITTER is a web3 fitnessfi and socialfi app designed to make a healthy lifestyle accessible. Its goal is to create a healthy, balanced ecosystem that promotes physical well-being through regular exercise and rest.

Website | Twitter

About Enjinstarter 

ENJINSTARTER is a launchpad dedicated to helping creators and game developers embrace the Enjin Ecosystem. Note from the editor.

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