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Introducing SomniLife social features that redefine what the Metaverse of the future will look like. SomniLife believes that the Metaverse is not just about building spectacular 3D spaces or crypto/NFT P2E games.

SomniLife is differentiating itself by its hyper-realistic approach, focused on providing good experiences to its users and exploiting all the possibilities offered by Web3 to develop a community.

Furthermore, the platform also firmly believes that the social component will be one of the keys to the future Metaverse, and for this reason, today SomniLife is also excited to present its first version of the web3-based social network, which further complements its Metaverse.

Take a look at the SomniLife Social Network

The idea is to build a new generation of social networks based on Web3 and the Metaverse, and rebuild the way people connect and the way communities organize and interact with their members.

The Web3 social network they are creating is fully owned by users, whose social connections and content are attached to their wallet addresses, or DID(Decentralized identity), and the system is underpinned by an open source ecosystem, including social graph protocols, social content protocols, DID profiling protocols, etc.

What is more, they want to turn SomniLife into a “builder’s paradise”, making its protocols and DAO tools available for builders to easily build a web3 social app, and provide solutions for brands, influencers, and communities to maximize their influence and monetize more easily.

The possibilities with Web3 are endless, and this is where we leveraged to create our gap against Web2 social networks

SomniLife, your gateway to social relations Web3

By connecting to SomniLife, you will access your page, where you will find your web3 profile, as well as access to information about your social activity, such as:

  • A DID (Decentralized Identity) card or profile. It is generated based on your on-chain data, and you will be able to edit it to add more personal information if you wish. And you can turn your DID profile into your Web3 business card and embed it on your social media.
  • Information on the profiles you follow and your followers.
  • Access to communities based on NFTs or certain Tokens.
  • Chat or DM functionalities

Social networks in Web3? 

Social networks in Web3, as it has mentioned, leverage all the information that is in the wallet, so imagine that you follow your favorite influencer. For an instance, the influencer does not need to be a SomniLife user to be able to follow him or send him a message.

Influencers also have their incentive to come to SomniLife

As you have seen, they are already gaining fans from minute 0. And once there they will have tools to interact with their community, chat, express opinions or even monetize from them. Additionally, users and influencers will have the ability to control who they can receive messages. For example, they might decide that only people with assets over $10,000 can message them.

It is also interesting for communities to utilize Web3 data analytics and task management tools.

When you manage your community in SomniLife, you will be able to have web3 profiles and data analytics. In many dimensions of your followers, which can help you make better decisions to create content, organize activities, as well as establish reward programs, and much more.

With social filtering, you can make certain content or certain events only accessible by having a certain NFT or a certain amount of tokens in the wallet. They call it also a token-gated experience, which greatly increases the varieties and possibilities of managing and growing a community.

Benefit from how SomniLife helps users find communities

As you know, on-chain data has built a relationship between people and assets. Therefore, we will automatically build communities based on these relationships and recommend them to our users. Moreover, they think of communities based on an NFT, on a certain currency, on platform activity, on various combinations of assets, or a number of them, as well as on-chain activity.

SomniLife is fully decentralized

In addition, with the publishing feature, SomniLife will not only publish to the SomniLife platform. Furthermore, it will also simultaneously write to the IPFS/blockchain. So your publication will always follow your address, even if its platform goes down.

At some point, this favors that your publications continue to be there. It’s only that you can easily migrate them to other platforms. To do this, SomniLife will provide a protocol that allows these other platforms to easily access and display them.

A Web3 Social Network for everyone

Moreover, everything revolves around web3, and SomniLife’s ability to read the network to generate profiles or data analysis. Its always with a vision focused on the user and facilitating their connections.

At the same time, through SDK, API, and other different tools and protocols. Furthermore, SomniLife wants to favor the incorporation of developers. Their transition from web2 to web3 be as smooth as possible.

ABOUT SomniLife
SomniLife is a Web3-based Social Network and HD Metaverse for you to explore, live, socialize and build your economy.

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