PathDAO Announces Collaboration with Walken!

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PathDAO has announced partnership with Walken, an NFT move-to-earn game that connects healthy lifestyle, gaming and crypto.


Built with passion by a team with over 50 million app downloads under their belt, Walken is a dynamic, thriving, and innovative platform that empowers its users to live healthier, more active lifestyles all the while earning valuable crypto tokens.

The Walken platform is a game-changing opportunity to introduce a whole new generation and demographic of users to the DeFi space and provides a great space to allow new users to familiarise and socialise themselves with Web3.0 mechanics of playing-to-earn (or rather, walking-to-earn) through gameplay and real-world activity and trading on the NFT marketplace using earned tokens.


PathDAO Announces Collaboration with Walken!

Inspired by popular pet-raising game experiences like Pokemon GO or Tamagotchi, the Walken app and gameplay experience is designed to cater to all types of players — young or old, whether crypto-experts or relative novices.

With a slick, easy-to-understand UI/UX, the Walken experience has been carefully designed to clearly and easily explain all the critical concepts and mechanics that users need to understand to fully engage with the Walken app.

Players will discover and engage with more sophisticated and complex gameplay systems as they progress in-game and explore more aspects of the Walken ecosystem.

Using the in-built motion detection and tracking systems of smartphones and other wearable smart devices, Walken is able to capture step counts and physical activity whilst algorithmically filtering out cheating and progress spoofing.

CAThlete Character

PathDAO Announces Collaboration with Walken!

Central to their experience is the unique CAThlete character that each player gets upon signing up for the app.

Building on the success of social-fitness apps like Strava, Apple Activity, and Peloton; Walken uses a comprehensive gamification system to turn players’ steps and other physical activity into Gems — an in-game soft currency that can be used to upgrade your CAThlete’s speed, strength, and stamina; all critical stats for competing with and against other players!

In order to participate in more competitions, players will then need to purchase additional CAThletes on the NFT marketplace.

Upon winning competitions, players are rewarded with WLKN tokens, fungible governance, and staking token that can be staked for rewards providing access to additional in-app features, and providing the holder with voting rights in the future of the Walken ecosystem.

PathDAO Announces Collaboration with Walken!

Though exciting on its own, the Walken experience doesn’t end at the app — to the contrary, their app is only the beginning.

The Walken protocol will empower developers from around the world to build on the foundational work of Walken and develop their own unique app and gameplay experiences with a play-to-earn model and earn ongoing revenue from the activity and earning of their players.

They hope to be able to share more with their community in the near future!

About Walken
A play-and-exercise-to-earn mobile app built by a team with strong experience in mobile app development and marketing.

About PathDAO
PathDAO is a community-first, decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) that powers the growing blockchain gaming and metaverse.


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