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Celer partners with imToken for Learn to Earn Campaign along with 7 other projects on Arbitrum. Users will be able to learn about each of these unique projects and what they bring to the ecosystem through a short 8-minute course followed by a quick and easy quiz.

Complete the quiz for each project and you’ll have a chance to earn some of that project’s tokens as well as be able to mint an exclusive and unique Galaxy OAT NFT!

Campaign Details:

  • Start: 06/18 at 11 am UTC
  • End: 07/01 at 10 am UTC
  • Where:
  • Rewards: There are two main types of rewards for this campaign. A chance to earn tokens and the ability to mint a unique Galaxy OAT NFT. 


Those who have completed a course and quiz successfully are automatically eligible to be selected as one of the randomly selected winners for that course’s tokens. These winners are project specific so the more courses and quizzes you completed the higher your chance is of being selected!

Galaxy OAT NFT

For each course that you complete successfully, you will be able to mint a unique Galaxy OAT NFT when you achieve 60 out of 100 pts in the quiz.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on any of the participating projects, including Celer.
  3. Follow and read the provided course material.
  4. Take the quiz.
  5. After successfully completing the quiz and achieving 100/100 points you will automatically enter the giveaway for the project.
  6. After successfully completing the quiz and achieving 60/100 points you can follow the Galaxy link to mint your own Galaxy OAT NFT.

NFT rewards will be claimable on Project Galaxy within 3 business days after the campaign ends; Token rewards will be sent to all winners’ Arbitrum addresses within 7 business days after the campaign ends, and winners will be announced in the imToken Discord community.

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Celer is a blockchain interoperability protocol enabling a one-click user experience. Allows accessing tokens, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, governance, privacy solutions, and more across multiple chains. Developers can build inter-chain-native dApps using the Celer Inter-chain Message SDK. Gain access to efficient liquidity utilization, as well as coherent application logic, and shared states. Users of Celer-enabled dApps will enjoy the benefits of a diverse multi-blockchain ecosystem with the simplicity of a single-transaction UX, all from a single chain.

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imToken is an easy and secure digital wallet trusted by millions.

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