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From their recent release of CUBE 2.0 Whitepaper, majority of the community has been the most enthusiastic with the arrival of staking pools. They have heard you and are releasing this post to provide more details and help you understand how Staking Pool works in-depth.

They have been preparing the staking system to provide a sustainable return to CUBE supporters as well as to maintain the value of $ITAMCUBE. With such a system, anyone can contribute to their ecosystem by taking part in the flexible and impartial staking pools based on individual asset size.

What is CUBE 90 Days Staking?

CUBE Staking is an essential way of contributing to the CUBE’s blockchain ecosystem and maintaining its security by locking away $ITAMCUBE. And the participants will receive rewards in return according to the amount of $ITAMCUBE locked up. From a user perspective, staking allows CUBE in supporters to generate passive income without directly trading tokens.

Their staking policy states that, once the tokens are staked, they are locked up and cannot be withdrawn or additionally deposited. The rewards will be available for harvest immediately when the lock-up period is over.

The first staking pool will open on June 23rd at 7am. (UTC) — the time may change.

Staking will consist of 12 rounds(1 round per week) and 90 days lock-up. A participant may stake from 10 to 1,000,000 $ITAMCUBE in each round. And the pool limit of each round is 5,000,000 $ITAMCUBE.

Every $ITAMCUBE Holders can earn a maximum 240,000 $ITAMCUBE after all 12 rounds of staking!


  • 90 Days Staking will be hold for 12 rounds.
  • Each round will be open for 1 week.
  • Each participant may stake from 10 to 1,000,000 $ITAMCUBE per round.
  • The limit of staking pool per round is 5,000,000 $ITAMCUBE and is carried out on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Tokens cannot be deposited, traded or withdrawn once they are staked.
  • The staking begins immediately after each round closes
  • The lock-up period of each round is 90 days starting immediately after each round closes.
  • Participants may claim staking rewards after the lock-up period is over.
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 8.11% and the token rewards will be given up to 4 decimal places.
  • The details of the event may change without prior notice.

Where to Buy CUBE ?

CUBE is now available on 4 global Exchanges.




⚪ Coinone (ITAMCUBE/KRW)

About CUBE

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