XY Finance Integrates Moonriver

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XY Finance Integrates and Supports Moonriver

XY Finance integrates Moonriver. XY Finance is committed to creating a painless user experience when swapping on-chain assets between the industry’s best blockchains. They proud to say that the Moonriver now joins the XY Universe as their latest integration.

They hope to enable experienced and new users alike to explore more opportunities between Moonriver and the other 11 supported networks, including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Cronos, ThunderCore, Avalanche C-Chain, KCC, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Astar. At present, users can provide USDT and USDC liquidity in Y Pool on the Moonriver. If you want to provide liquidity in Y Pool, please refer to this article Y Pool Providing and Removing Liquidity Instructions.”

Please note:

  1. They have yet to deploy XY Token on the Moonriver. Please be alert of suspicious tokens called $XY on DEXes.

How to Bridge Assets to the Moonriver:

  1. Visit X Swap page
  2. Click the “Connect to a Wallet” button.

3. Choose the token you want to swap on your source chain and the token you want to receive on the Moonriver. Here, we’re going to use USDT on Cronos — MOVR on Moonriver as example.

4. Enter the amount of USDT you wish to swap.

5. Double check the recipient address is correct. The system will display your connected wallet address by default.

6. Click the “Approve to Swap” button, and your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.

7. Click the “ Swap” button, and your wallet will ask you to confirm the action again. Confirm your transaction from your wallet.

Soon after, you will receive your MOVR in your Moonriver wallet. XY Finance’s cross-chain transfer can take around 2–5 minutes to be completed.

XY Finance’s Support

In case you have any problems during the cross-chain journey. Please Join XY Finance’s community and our administrators will support you. Please remember that our admins will never DM you first! If you get approached by someone pretending to be part of the team, do not trust them.

How to Set Up MetaMask for the Moonriver:

To view your assets on the Moonriver on MetaMask, you’ll need to configure the Moonriver first. Just follow the steps below:

  • Log in to MetaMask and click on the “Network Selection” button at the top of the app.
  • Click on “Add Network” to add Moonriver’s mainnet information.
  • Select “Add Network”.

Enter the Moonriver details as follows:

Make sure you don’t miss any of the above fields. Once you have added the details, click on the “Save” button. You’ll then be connected to the Moovriver mainnet.

Well done! Now you can further enjoy your journey into the XY Universe.

About Moonriver

Moonriver is a parachain on the Kusama network for crypto projects to expand their reach with a multi-chain design. The Moonriver parachain is compatible with the Ethereum developer network and toolchain. Moonriver was developed by the Moonbeam Foundation, and PureStake is the entity behind the Moonbeam Foundation.

About XY Finance

XY Finance is One Stop Cross-Chain Aggregator for DeFi and Metaverse. Our mission is to facilitate the seamless and secure transfer of on-chain assets, including tokens, NFTs, and more, across all blockchains. The protocol has built a one-click swap aggregator with the highest interoperability that allows crypto users to trade all on-chain assets.

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