Cosmos’s HackATOM Seoul

Published on: 28.06.2022
Cosmos’s HackATOM Seoul

Cosmos’s HackATOM Seoul – Organized by Interchain in collaboration with the talented KryptoSeoul team, will be the first in-person Hackathon since 2019 and the first Cosmos-branded event in the Asian continent since the pandemic began.

This HackATOM will not only be the perfect chance for developers to start their journey in their ecosystem with a bang, but it will also be a real moment of sharing and growing for entire community.

Cosmonauts, it’s been over a year since the Stargate upgrade, the Cosmos Big-Bang that announced the start of the Interchain Era, and since then ecosystem has faced many challenges but, despite differing views and opinions, they have always been united in a common front when the moment called for it, acknowledging that diversities are what make Interchain Ecosystem thriving.

It is the desire to grow together that inspired HackATOM 2022, which will take place at Dreamplus Startup Building in Seoul, South Korea, on July 29 to 31.

This Cosmos Hackathon will be a temple for devs approaching Cosmos for the first time and their ideas, the launching pad for new and exciting projects, and a valuable moment of sharing for Core Contributors, Validators, Teams, and Community to meet each other.

Main Challenges:

🏆 Interchain Price: Interoperability

🏆 Hub Prize: Interchain Security

🏆 Application Price: Cosmos SDK

each of these challenges has these prizes:

  • 1st Place USD $50k in ATOM
  • 2nd Place USD $30k in ATOM
  • 3rd Place USD $10k in ATOM (two winners)

For a total prize pool of USD $300k in ATOM

Sponsor Challenges:

🏆 Osmosis Prize: CosmWasm (Permissioned)

  • 1st Place USD $50k in OSMO
  • 2nd Place USD $30k in OSMO
  • 3rd Place USD $10k in OSMO (two winners)

for a total prize pool of USD $100k in OSMO

🏆 Juno Prize: CosmWasm (Permissionless)

  • 1st Place USD $50k in JUNO
  • 2nd Place USD $30k in JUNO
  • 3rd Place USD $10k in JUNO (two winners)

for a total prize pool of USD $100k in JUNO

About Cosmos

Cosmos is open, scalable, and interconnected economy of the future.

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