Streamr staking for July is open

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Streamr staking for July is open. Users can mine rewards through Brubeck Mainnet. Staking rewards for June have been distributed.

Here are the key stats:

  • Total $DATA earned 1.6M
  • Nodes with earnings 3.4K
  • APY 105.6% – APR 74.3%

Next month Streamr will make sure to communicate in advance which day the rewards will be distributed and when the process has commenced.

Streamr Staking Guide

The Streamr Network provides a bulletproof pub-sub data transport layer that allows you to connect your data to the rest of the world.

Here is how to start staking 

  1. Install and start a Broker Node on almost any hardware.
  2. Put some DATA into the address of the node in the Polygon Blockchain.
  3. Keep your Broker up and running and enjoy Mining Rewards.

Installing the Broker Node software

There are two recommended ways of installing a Broker Node. Either you can use Docker, or install it as an npm package. Both should work just fine, but there are some environments where it is possible to use only one or the other.

For example, they do not provide Docker images for everything under the sun; but then again, they have witnessed the npm installation running on a solar-powered Raspberry Pi and an Android phone — so almost anything goes.

Hardware and networking requirements

Streamr has not been very precise on what kind of hardware or network connection you need to be able to run a Broker Node, because it depends on multiple variables. Throughout the testnets, and at the start of the Brubeck Mainnet, the only requirement is that you are online.

So practically any stable network connection will do, and you should be able to run it with a little RAM and a small (or even a fraction of a) CPU. When things eventually evolve, you can decide to run a Broker Node mining other streams. Since each stream may have individual bandwidth, latency, and processing requirements — the hardware will depend on what kind of streams, and how many, you are mining.

IP Restrictions

In the Brubeck Testnet, there were IP restrictions in place to limit the number of Broker Nodes that can appear from behind a single IP address to three nodes. In the Brubeck Mainnet, Streamr will have a similar restriction in place, but they have increased the number of nodes that can appear from behind a single IP address from three to five.

However, the distributed nature of the system means this is not exact — so you might get away with more nodes than that, at least for a while. But if you want to ensure the uptime of your nodes, it’s better not to push your luck. If you run too many nodes from behind a single IP address, you risk losing uptime (less uptime = fewer rewards).


Running a Broker Node alone in the Brubeck Mainnet does not guarantee you qualify for rewards. Unlike the testnets — where it was enough to just show up — the rewards are now based on how many DATA tokens you have staked on your node address. When your Broker Node observes a reward code, it reports it to our Rewards Backend. They are aware of the number of DATA tokens on the address of the node in the Polygon Blockchain. From this, they are then able to determine your share of the rewards.

You may choose to stake between 0 and 10,000 DATA tokens on your node address. You can, of course, have more DATA on your node address than that, but reward calculation will cap it to 10,000. For example, 30,000 DATA on address A1 will get rewards as if there were 10,000 DATA staked. In order to get the benefits from 30,000 DATA, you need to have three nodes running that each have 10,000 DATA staked.

Incentivized streams and Brubeck rewards mining

At the start of the Brubeck Mainnet, the only incentivized streams are special ones created for this purpose. The reason for this is described here. When running the Broker Node, you are automatically subscribing to these special ‘rewards’ streams, which contain reward codes that are delivered at a random interval.

When your Broker Node receives a reward code, it will then call its Rewards Backend, and based on this, we are able to verify that your node remains online and is eligible for a reward.

ABOUT Streamr
Streamr is an open source, crowdfunded, decentralized platform for real-time data. It also transports streams of messages. From data publishers to subscribers, appearing to the user as a global publish/subscribe messaging service.

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