Tatum now supports Klaytn!

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With Tatum’s tools and Klaytn’s features, you can finally realize your metaverse creations on one of the fastest and most scalable blockchains. 

Tatum now supports Klaytn and share mission of making blockchain more accessible for all. And they’re excited to contribute to their existing tooling to open their ecosystem to even more developers.

Why use Klaytn?

“Klaytn is an open-source blockchain that combines the best features of public and private blockchains. To deliver scale and speed for all who wish to build, work, or play in the metaverse.”

With full EVM compatibility and Ethereum equivalence support. Immediate transaction finality, seamless interoperability with other blockchains and L2s. And an already vibrant ecosystem of innovative projects building on the blockchain. Klaytn has all the markings of a prime platform for metaverse development.

Their existing developer tooling and SDKs are pretty extensive and, combined with Tatum’s unique developer framework. Will be an unstoppable arsenal of capabilities for developers

What can you do with Tatum?

Tatum’s unified framework allows you to build apps FAST on Klaytn without learning to code for the blockchain itself or having to build your smart contracts. Many of Tatum’s features for Klaytn are unified across blockchains, meaning the code used for one is identical to the code for another; all you need to change is the chain’s name in the call.

Here are a few of the highlights of what you can do:

Generate wallets

Creating wallets, private keys, and deposit addresses on Klaytn is just a matter of a few lines of code with Tatum. Quickly generate wallets for new users to allow them to send and receive any tokens, with no complex coding required.

For additional security, Tatum KMS (key management system) can be used to generate everything and sign transactions locally on your servers, so your most sensitive data never leaves your security perimeter. Read more about how to use KMS in their guide.

Instantly create NFTs, ERC-20 tokens, and multitokens

With Tatum’s prebuilt token smart contracts, you don’t need to learn Solidity or code your smart contracts to deploy and mint tokens. Instantly create NFTs, multitokens, or ERC-20 tokens for various use cases.

We also offer free IPFS storage and native IPFS integration with our platform, so you can easily store and retrieve data from the most popular decentralized storage network in no time. Learn how to use it in their complete guide.

Get real-time notifications

With our Notification Station feature, you can monitor any address for incoming/outgoing transactions of any token with just 1 API call. The feature is currently supported on 10+ blockchains in Tatum. Including Klaytn, so multichain monitoring is super simple for any imaginable use case.

Transfer assets

Send KLAY, KIP-7 tokens (ERC-20 equivalent), KIP-17 NFTs (ERC-721 equivalent), and multitokens between addresses with just a few lines of code. Sign transactions with KMS to ensure your app’s highest level of security.

Get blockchain data

Our wide range of “GET” APIs allows you to look up all kinds of blockchain data programmatically from within your app. Get NFTs by address, transactions by token, current block number, transactions by hash, smart contracts by transaction ID, and nearly any other data lookup operation you can imagine. It’s all available natively within Tatum, with simple API endpoints that are intuitive for any developer.

Leverage prebuilt backend features

From automatically paying for your end-users gas fees with Tatum’s Gas Pump, feeless instant transactions, multicurrency wallet features through Tatum Virtual Accounts, and prebuilt NFT marketplaces, Tatum offers a comprehensive suite of prebuilt backend features that will save you hours, days, or even months of development time.

About Klaytn

Klaytn is an open-source blockchain that combines the best features of public and private blockchains. To deliver scale and speed for all who wish to build, work, or play in the metaverse.

Website | Twitter

About Tatum

Tatum is a blockchain development platform that provides infrastructure and a unified framework for 40+ blockchain protocols. Its mission is to empower great software developers to build amazing blockchain apps.

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