CUBE Introduced July Updates

Published on: 28.07.2022
CUBE Introduced July Updates

CUBE Introduced July Updates: Newly Opened Bank Service & UI Improvement, Launcher Convenience & UI Improvement, Chat Function & UI Improvement.

For more details, please refer to the following details.

■ Newly Opened Bank Service & UI Improvement

– Trade: Token swapping
They have added the function to exchange different tokens. You can now trade CUBE and GBC tokens.

– Invest: Liquidity/Unstaking
Liquidity is provided by pairing CUBE and GBC, and LP tokens can be obtained in return.

– Pair Pool: Receive interest after depositing LP tokens.
You can receive interest in CUBE after depositing CUBE-GBC LP tokens in a staking pool.

– UI has been improved to make it easier to use the Bridge function.

■ Launcher Convenience & UI Improvement

– You can check out your sent/received friend requests via the send friend request pop-up window.

– The log-in page UI has been improved.

– The speed of loading wallet on the launcher has been improving.
– Improvement made to see the validation status when verifying a recovery email.

■ Chat Function & UI Improvement

– Improvement made for extended chat text area, which can be scrolling down automatically when the message is long.

– Line breaks made by pressing “Shift”+“Enter” when typing.
– Video chat UI has been improving.

■ Improved Wallet Accessibility

– Address to my wallet can be founding and coping at the main wallet page.

– It is now easier to move between game markets.

■ Store Convenience & UI Improvement

– UI has been improving to easily check the selected game information.

– UI has been improving to easily check the NFT information at the market list of a store.

■ Other Improvements

– Improved intermittent bugs that occur during installation after removing CUBE.
– It improved bugs related to focusing transformation in CUBE.
– Improved bugs related to resizing of game display.

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