Venue One Testnet Live

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Venue One testnet live! The testnet is now open to its wider community. Venue One development team is keen to hear feedback on the experience from its valued users.

Expect a few things to break, UI/UX to possibly need some changes, and maybe bugs. The aim is to iron these out before the launch. Your feedback is invaluable and active testnet users will add to the list for its $VENO token airdrop coming soon!

Testnet Onboarding

  1. Go here:
  2. Click on Get Started button
  3. Use your email to register and check for the login link sent to you by Magic Link. The first time you log in may be a bit slower as your new Algo wallet and contract/token opt-ins are set up.
  4. Top up your account at your newly generated Algorand wallet with testnet USDC here. Please note the faucet page is a bit slow and has a limit of 100 USDC but you can repeat the process. Also do not send $ALGO! The collateral currently is ONLY testnet USDC on Algorand.
  5. You can trade the markets, provide liquidity, or both!
  6. Join Discord and Telegram to get support and connect with the team. Your active participation in the testnet and the community will add you to the airdrop list for $VENO.


Venue One is a decentralized predictions protocol. It allows you to take a position in real-world events and monetize your views. You can build a set of predictions on sports, finance, and events and earn profits if you are right.

Venue One technology is built on the fast Algorand blockchain. Users can trade collateral in USDC on Algorand using the testnet faucet here. Add your generated Algorand wallet as a deposit address. On the main page, you can select “My Account” and on the next page, you can select “Deposit Funds” under your available cash.

Venue One is accessible using your browser on any device! (PC, Mac, Android, iOS). The team decided it was important to have a great user experience. A wallet signing process would have locked its users to specific browsers and the process of trading (which involves multiple smart contracts) would be complex and slow. That is why Venue One did not support web wallet extensions.

ABOUT Venue One

Venue One is a non-custodial blockchain predictions exchange. Take positions in sports, eSports, finance, events, and more.

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